The Sonics set to headline the Roxy this August

The Sonics photos

Now this makes us happy. The iconic 60s garage rock ‘n’ soul band, The Sonics have a headlining show coming up at the Roxy on Friday, Aug. 15th! The last time we caught the Sonics live was at Ink ‘n’ Iron in 2009, as you can imagine, we are very excited to see these legends live again. The Sonics also have a show at The Irenic in San Diego as well as a slew of European tour dates kicking off this April. If you’re a fan of garage rock, soul and pysch, and have yet to see the Sonics live — you’re truly missing out. These guys rock out as though it were ’65 and front-man Gerry Roslie has one gangster-ass howl. DO NOT miss the Sonics at the Roxy this August.

Tickets to the Sonics at the Roxy are priced at $35 and the show is all-ages. Ticket will go on sale Friday, April 4th at 10 a.m.


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