Grimy Goods is six years old today!

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Damn, time flies when you’re busy as hell running a music blog … but it’s sure a fun ride. Today, is six years old. It’s unreal to think that what started as my personal soapbox and diary has grown to become what it is today. People often ask me, how did I start Grimy Goods. To be honest, it wasn’t anything planned, it wasn’t anything I sought out to make millions (because we all know there’s not much money to be made off music blogging) — it was just a labor of love.

As a teen, I had always loved underground punk, hip hop and even house music. I guess it was in large tribute to growing up with three older brothers who skated and were big in the punk scene as well as the early rave/industrial scene. Not to mention, I grew up with a Father who loved rock ‘n’ roll and flooded my young mind with tunes from Bob Dylan, Question Mark and the Mysterians, Chuck Berry, and many more greats. As a young girl in elementary school, obsessed with Johnny Depp a la “21 Jump Street”, I loathed listening to all my Father’s old rock tunes. The man played them 24-7 and for anyone that was riding along with him in his 1980 Chevy Blazer, you dare not change that radio dial from the oldies station unless you wanted to feel his wrath. Whether in the truck on the way to soccer practice or running errands, everyday since I was probably five years old my Pops would ask me, “Do you know who sings this song and what year it was made? I do,” and then he would proceed to Wikipedia me on whoever we were listening to. My Dad was proud to have such a huge catalog of music embedded in his brain and he still has it going on today, although old age has made him a tad bit forgetful. I now find myself testing him on the rock classics that he once bestowed on me.

I’ve been working in the indie music since the early 2000s. While going to school at San Diego State University for Communications Media Management, I was also writing album reviews and show reviews for a local San Diego magazine. At the time, there were barely any females working in music journalism. Photo pits were nice and empty and the only two chicks I ever saw in them were me and my college best friend, Kim. She was a concert photographer and I was her partner in crime. Man, between the concert circuit and the skateboarding scene, we had some serious good times, enough to write a book about. Sometime in 2002 I went on to intern on an indie music television show based in San Diego called “Fox Rox” (which aired on Fox Television). That was a really cool experience, but my heart was still in long-form music journalism, not transcribing video interviews and writing band bios. After I graduated, I started writing for various print magazines, and my biggest gripe was how much they edited out an honest and factual opinion, and most of all how many amazing indie bands they were passing up (who by the way, are now huge). I grew annoyed by this boring, non-compelling traditional journalism and always told myself I’d start my own little blog one day. I was loving Pitchfork’s and Vice’s raw style and that’s the kind of content I wanted to produce. I even sketched out an outline with images of how I wanted my blog to look like. But somewhere along the way, the exotic world of travel and craving for life experience distracted me. I pretty much traveled the world off-and-on for three years discovering gorgeous beaches and music along the way. My blog outline remained in my sketchbook for three years until I got most of the travel fever out of me. By that time my Mother was hounding me to get a “real job” with my degree.

I got laid off from my first publicity / marketing job in early 2008 when the recession was hitting hard in California and this was the catalyst for Grimy Goods to come into life. So thank you, _____ Public Relations for canning me, because it was the best thing that ever happened to me.

Six years ago today, Grimy Goods kicked off as After some quick research about blogging and SEO, that very long and stupid Website domain changed to Why? Because my blog was pretty much a personal diary of all the events in skateboarding and music I would attend. There was a lot of backstage and behind the scenes photos and videos, and not everything was always prim and proper. In fact, the first year going live I didn’t want anyone to know my identity. Not just because I was seeking full-time marketing work, but I was afraid of not being taken seriously since I’m a woman writing about underground music, skateboarding and all. Little did I know how much being a woman would work in my favor. I guess it was kind of like being a rare breed, as well as something empowering for other females to be inspired by. Because of my provocative non-traditional way of writing (as well as sexy and funny event photos) my blog had to be named something that reflects its content. The light bulb over my head read: Grimy Goods.

Grimy Goods has gone through two redesigns. I started with a crappy WordPress template, then had a friend design a custom basic blog template, which at the time those colors were poppin’ (scroll down for screenshots of old Grimy Goods). Now, when I look at that hideous blog, I wanna barf. As times change, you need to keep up with style both online and on the street. Juggling a full-time marketing job put Grimy Goods on the backburner for many years, but that’s changed as of last May. She got a badass facelift and my undevoted attention. Not to mention she got rebranded as a “music lifestyle blog.” I now run Grimy Goods full-time with exception to one client.

Although I run this blog in every aspect, seven days a week, it could not be where it is today without my awesome team of contributors. I’m so honored to have so many people want to be a part of this creative effort and all on their own accord. I’ve learned so much from them, I’ve seen some of them get married and become mothers, and I’ve made some great friends — it’s truly like a family. It’s no longer just my opinion on these pages, it’s the collective work of some of Los Angeles’ (and beyond) most talented concert photographers and music journos. Everyone is contributing because they love music, they love inspiring, and they love life. Furthermore, Grimy Goods wouldn’t be at the top of its game if it wasn’t for all you loyal fans and readers. You guys kick ass. Not just because you support this collective, but because you give me your honest input. I read your comments, you social media mentions and updates, and whether positive or negative, I appreciate it. It’s not all about me, it’s not all about the Grimy Goods team, it’s also about our readers. You guys keep us on our toes and aren’t afraid to be vocal about what you want. So keep it coming in true Grimy Goods fashion.

So, yeah, that’s the origin of Grimy Goods.

P.S. To celebrate six years of Grimy Goods, we’re giving away an awesome Grimy Goods six-year anniversary prize pack. One lucky winner will win a pair of SUPRAS (big thanks to SUPRA for always supporting us); a pair of tickets to any show on our concert calendar; a grab bag full of vinyl, CDs and merch from our favorite local and indie bands; as well as a custom mixtape curated by me (featuring some of my favorite timeless songs).

Oh, and what’s a six-year anniversary without a big party? We’re planning something rad for this May, after all the Coachella madness. Stay tuned.

<3 Sandra Burciaga


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Grimy Goods 2008
Okay, don’t laugh too hard. I had no idea what I was doing.

Grimy Goods 1

Grimy Goods 2009
Hey, bright obnoxious colors were all the rage back then.

Grimy Goods 2

Grimy Goods 2013
I must admit, she’s mighty purty (and man, were her first few month a total high maintenance nightmare).

Grimy Goods 3

29 thoughts on “Grimy Goods is six years old today!

  1. Erika R.

    I started following Grimy Goods when I moved to LA from Florida when I was 18 to attend college. My freshman year, I won tickets to Scratch Acid and have since been eternally grateful!! I follow Grimy Goods on Twitter and Facebook; I rely on you guys to keep me in the know about awesome shows!! My fav music site—never go away!! Thanks for all your hard work Sandra!

  2. Tiff

    I found about Grimy Goods from a giveaway a few years ago. I love the concert photos, concert calendar and the funny posts. Its unique and definitely more entertaining than most other blogs.

  3. Diana Enriquez

    Happy birthday GG! I have been with you guys since 2011. I’ve started reading because of the amazing giveaways. I’ve won a good amount of tickets from you guys and I’m very greatful. Not just grateful for winning but for the opportunity to see live music here in LA. I’ve been to all types of shows because of GG from country, indie, and hip hop. I’ve loved them all and my appreciation for different types of music grew way beyond my barriers. I check GG every week and follow and get notified on Twitter. I check what’s hot and what’s not so I don’t look like a dork and I never miss out on concerts thanks to the weekly show list.Thank you GG and keep on being awesome.

  4. Jeremy Favis

    I somehow got turned on to your giveaways via Facebook, and since then I’ve enjoyed reading about all the shows you guys have reviewed and the ditties about the scene as we know it. Great reading about your roots and how the site came to be too! I love music, especially live, and your site and FB posts keep me up to date on the latest shows. Cheers to many more years of Grimy Goods!

  5. Aaron Larson

    I ran into Grimy when doing some music blog/L.a. music searching online. I absolutely love how it has a “non corporate” feel, and seems like its being run by a true music fan/friend I Would have. It’s a simplistic site that has great integrated knowledge and quick reference to amazing shows in L.a. that I need to know about! I enjoy reading news updated everyday on my phone AND at home as a bookmark always open. (Which is weird!) Happy 6th, here’s to 66 more!

  6. Garrett b

    I actually found the goods through a Twitter recommended account to follow, and damn I’m glad that I did. The concert calendar is legit and the contributions never let me down. And lately I’ve found the grimy hikes very inspiring! Congrats on the 6 year run!

  7. Jeffrey Ruiz

    Grimy goods is very honest, thats probably the one big thing that sets it apart. I feel like the people who write are just genuinly real. It doesnt feel stiff and mass produced. If that makes sense haha. I first heard about GG when i won free tickets to go see hatebreed at the Fox Theatre. From then on I was hooked, awesome people at this site for sure!

  8. Madeline

    I love Grimy Goods because you guys support the local LA music scene as well as the bigger, mainstream bands. I hear about so much new great music thanks to you guys! Y’all rock.

  9. Sarina

    Sandy/Grimy Goods, this blog has been SUCH A HUGE inspiration to me to follow my dreams, hustle and make this happen! I’m also a Latina and I love that you’re doing big things. It’s truly an inspiration. I hope one day to have my own fashion line. I LOVE that you blend fashion with music and I love all the amazing photos your team shoots. Keep up the great work!

  10. KEN

    I heard about the Grimy a couple years ago from a friend. To this day it’s still the only LA music blog I care for. I love your tone and you truly have an ear for really amazing new bands. And I love that you guys lean towards punk and garage rock.

  11. John Paz

    Sandra. I’ve been such an avid reader since early 2011. I stumbled on to your blog somehow on Facebook. After reading articles and reviews for hours, I knew that this was gonna be local music blog for sure. Its funny, I just started an online class about 2 weeks ago at PCC and for our Introductions, we had to submit 2 links that describe us, and you were my first link.

    Not only have you had a great blog but you’ve shown me so many new bands with your contests. I’ve won a couple of contests here and can 100% say you are the reason why I have new favorite bands and artists. (Dan Deacon and Austra).

    Happy Birthday Grimy Goods! You’ve been there for me and I’m sure for everyone here in LA.

  12. Golnaz Moini (@LivinReflection)

    Happy Anniversary GG! I am constantly in awe of how you have made a living out of your passion for music, Sandra. It truly is inspiring and thanks for all the music recommendations. I came to GG to support YOU but I stayed because, well, frankly, I stayed because of the lack of total pretentiousness and bullshit usually associated with music blogs. Keep it up girl!

  13. Janelle

    I discovered you through your giveaways! I also have a PR background that did not prosper the way I had intended. I do some music blogging because I will always love live music first and I attend shows as often as possible. I write concert dates in my planner as if I already have tickets and I would love to be a contributor on your site! Great work and congratulations on how far you have come.

  14. Johnny S.

    I heard about grimy goods through your instagram. I saw an owner of a skate company (who I follow) like one of your selfies and I thought you were hot. Guilty! But then I saw that your run a rad blog and have some impeccable taste in punk and garage. Been a fan since.

  15. Tinya T

    I first hear about Grimy Goods at one of your shows at The Echo. GG is my go to sources for all the best concert announcements and new hot band alerts. Your ears for breaking bands are like psychic! I also love the fashion stuff and funny articles.

  16. Rosalva Rodriguez

    Grimy Goods is my go to music source. I was first hooked on the Hot vs. Not photos of Coachella fashions and then I was surprise that this music blog also had that raw energy I loved from Vice. I was like ding ding!!! I scored a great music source: show reviews, photos, listing of up and coming shows and bands. Great overall social media presence and updates. I congratulate you in your successful music lifestyle blog you have provided for all of us. Gracias. 9:)

  17. Irene Lomeli

    I started when I was looking up new music I would always end up here somehow for things and I figured I’d actual become more direct and come to you first. Best decision of my life haha I know when and where my favorite bands are going to be and I find new music through you all the time. I love that every social media output you have is personal yet informative. I love it and I will always be a Grimy Goods fan !

  18. Khristian

    Started reading the show reviews by Emily when her and I joined the same music group on Facebook and became friends. I love it of course for the contests. But also because of the concert calendar cuz it posts free shows and recommended shows. Happy birthday.

  19. Kristen Coop

    Thank you for all that you have done in 6 years! I love Grimy Goods for the concert reminders and show reviews. Keep up the good work!

  20. Kristine Gordon

    Congratulations on six stellar years, dear friend! And here is to many more marvelous years. XO I have been a fan since the fifth grade. 🙂 And I know GG will still be going strong even into Golden Girl years.


  21. James Lopez

    One thing I love about Grimy Goods is Grimy’s top notch music recommendations! Whether the post is simply sharing an amazing album, or if its about the best LA shows of the week, Grimy always helps me make better use of my time. I’m a more recent reader, and didn’t discover this platform until last year’s Jubilee Fest when they shared your guys’ photos! Congrats on 6 years Grimy! (★^O^★)

  22. Clemente Espejo

    What I love about Grimmy Goods is all the new music you introduce us to, the awesome concert reminders and of course the contest you guys have all year long.
    I was reading a blog about new music a few years back and the person had posted a link to winning free tickets to see a show and ever since then I became an instant fan, I then told my friends about you guys and they ALL follow you now.

    Happy six years.

  23. Richard Mora

    I first clicked on grimy goods for a contest giveaway and am forever grateful for the blogs giveaways and photographs, etc…! Wish you guys many blessings and years. B-)

  24. Caleb

    Congrats on 6 years!
    I’ve started a couple blogs that are floating around in the internet somewhere. Hopefully nobody will ever see them. Oh the shame!

    A friend of mine on Facebook actually gave you guys a shout out for being awesome so I started visiting, then following you on FB and Twitter.
    I’ve won some great stuff from you, had some funny twitter convos, and I try to do as my friend Andrew did and rec your blog to my peeps.
    It’s a good thing you do and I’m glad you get to keep doing what you love. It’s pretty inspiring to the rest of us out there chasing out dreams!

  25. KC Douglas

    I discovered Grimy Goods back in 2009 when I joined Twitter and began searching out show news. GG became one of my main go-to sources for live music news, reviews, and updates. Also, sincerely thankful to have won an occasional giveaway. 🙂 What I’m come to love and appreciate more over the past 4-5 years is how funny and endearing both the blog and twitter feed is. You tell it like it is, what you like and don’t like, on a wide variety of topics spanning music, culture, fashion, and everyday life in between. It’s a lot more entertaining of a follow than just standard press releases that get churned out by lots of other sources. Personality shines through and I think music fans and anybody in general is drawn to that. Congrats on 6 years and here’s to many more!

  26. Steve Keyes

    Not going to lie. I originally came for the contests but stayed for the great articles and indispensable weekly show lists! Love you guys, here’s to the next six!

  27. brithael

    I’m sure I’m not alone in saying I’m glad _____ Public Relations canned you too 🙂 thanks for the great work

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