OutKast’s weekend one Friday headlining performance left a lot of people scratching their heads as to what they had been witness to. Their sloppy set had weekend two’ers wondering if they should make other plans. When the time had come for the Atlanta hip hop duo to take the stage, Coachella fans put their faith in their hands and were not disappointed.

They ripped through their hits and their transitions from song to song were really tight. “Bombs Over Baghdad”, “Ms. Jackson”, “The Whole World”, “So Fresh, So Clean”, “Roses”, anything you were hoping to hear, they sang and not only that, they nailed it. As opposed to the previous week, Andre 3000 seemed very focused. The only part of the show that felt off was again Andre’s solo bits as the slow R&B sound just didn’t gel.

The gig proved that OutKast won’t be a flop on their current reunion tour and that the first Coachella gig was just a hiccup rather than the beginning of a car driving off a large cliff. The crowd could have been better at times but I’d chalk that up moreso to the unexpected tiredness you experience around 11 PM after walking all day over anything else.

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Photo above via Billboard.com.

Words: Mark E. Ortega