Julian Casablancas provides a different Stroke with new material

Jullian-Casablancas-coachella 2014 photos

Frontman of The Strokes, Julian Casablancas was a late addition to the Coachella bill just a few weeks ago, and brought with him some new tunes that he has in the works for an upcoming solo project.

The Mojave Tent was packed to the gills for Casablancas’ performance. Those that were hoping he was going to play a Strokes song or two were disappointed, but overall he put together a helluva show. Donning a leather jacket and white t-shirt, Julian Casablancas and The Voidz played through a set nearly exclusively comprised of new tracks. They sounded great–but a large portion of people were certainly there to hear the songs they recognize from The Strokes catalog.

Still, it isn’t as though Casablancas strays far from what made him a rock icon at the turn of the millennium. His songs definitely had a Strokes-y taste to them and was a nice appetizer for rock appreciators still waiting to see Queens of the Stone Age and Muse.

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Words: Mark E. Ortega

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