Hot New Music: Stream Sean Nicholas Savage’s new album, Bermuda Waterfall

Sean Nicholas Savage photos

You gotta love white boy R&B, and Sean Nicholas Savage is one smooth Canadian singer and ballad composer that seriously has it going on. His poetic slow jams are the kind of tunes that make babies (if you know what I mean). Following his 2013 release, Other Life, Savage is ready to drop his new full-length album, Bermuda Waterfall on Tuesday, May 13th via Arbutus. But before doing so, you can stream the entire 12-track album in all it’s harmonious glory. Rich in depth and emotion, the album is a timeless piece of work that features Savage’s lulling vocals that drip of romantic soul, as well as some very exotic and organic arrangements. The compositions on this record compliment the vocal harmonies so seamlessly that you can’t help but listen to it over and over again.

Stream Sean Nicholas Savage’s new album, Bermuda Waterfall for yourself below (just click on the album cover to start streaming).

Sean Nicholas Savage bermuda waterfull album cover

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