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With carnal howls and emotionally-fueled vocals, Le Butcherettes are back with their sophomore album, Cry Is For The Flies. The Mexican garage rock band fronted by the explosive Teri Gender Bender (also of Bosnian Rainbows and Kimono Kult) have delivered a fiery new record filled with 11 tracks that drip of rock ‘n’ roll. Even though the the album is packed with heavy riffs and slamming cymbals, Bender’s lyrics read like a descriptive narrative; telling stories of guilt, new beginnings, overcoming stigmas, and many other heavy topics. The album is beautifully written and will envelope you whole.

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With this record, Le Butcherettes take you on an emotional roller coaster full of vast peaks and plummeting dips. Intense songs such as the opening track “Burn The Scab” takes a sultry dip as the brooding “My Child” reveals more of Gender’s narrative that almost becomes a dark spoken word carried by a blues strut. Melodic ballads such as “Your Weakness Gives Me Life” reveals a mature growth from Bender’s prior work, but also sounds similar to something Bosnian Rainbows would produce. There’s even a short track on the album that just features Henry Rollins’ spoken word.

While Bender has matured in both lyric and vocal range (and style), Cry Is For The Flies is still a crazy piece of work. Bender has not abandoned those hysterical and possessed-like vibes that attracted us in the first place. The album is a wild ride and I highly recommend you take for a spin below.

Cry Is for the Flies is set for release on May 15th via Omar Rodríguez-López’s imprint Nadie Sound Inc. You can stream it now.

le butcherettes Cry Is for the Flies album

Le ButcherettesCry is for the Flies Tracklist:
01. Burn The Scab
02. Demon Stuck In Your Eye
03. My Child
04. Your Weakness Gives Me Life
05. Moment of Guilt (Henry Rollins)
06. The Gold Chair Ate The Fire Man
07. Boulders Love Over Layers Of Roc
08. Normal, You Were
09. Poet From Nowhere
10. Crying Out To The Flies
11. Blackhead (Bonus Track)