Stream Jack White’s new solo album, Lazaretto


You can now stream Jack White’s entire new solo album, Lazarettoone week before its official release date. The album features 11 tracks of blues, country, and even songs that come off like rap-rock. The title track, “Lazaretto” and “That Black Bat Licorice” are songs that have that annoying rap-rock appeal — a combo I never enjoy — however, White can pull it off. “Temporary Ground” is a sweet and twangy ballad that features fiddler Lillie Mae Rische (we hear her voice once again in “Alone In My Home”. Songs such as “Just One Drink” and “Entitlement” will be your drunk-at-a-bar-sing-along anthem, while “Three Women” and “High Ball Stepper” are high energy show stoppers. These two songs will probably be incredible live, however, I can’t deny the uncanny resemblance in “High Ball Stepper” to The Black Keys’ “I Got Mine” (which was released in 2008). You can compare the two for yourself below. With all this drama of Jack White talking endless crap on the Keys and claiming how they have always copied him, I’m surprised White would create a song that is a blatant cop of one of the Black Keys’ most memorable riffs. It’s now wonder he made this list last year.


You can stream Jack White’s new album, Lazaretto via iTunes Radio “First Play”, but we highly suggest you use the iTunes Store app on your iPhone or other IOS device, because if you try via this stupid link you will be very frustrated when you try to launch unless you’re running OS X 10.7 or later. So yeah, use the app. Just pull up the iTunes Store app, under the music tab, scroll down to the iTunes Radio section and select “First Play Jack White — Lazaretto”.

Lazaretto will be released on June 10 via White’s Third Man label.

Jack White Lazaretto Track List:

1. “Three Women”
2. “Lazaretto”
3. “Temporary Ground”
4. “Would You Fight for My Love?”
5. “High Ball Stepper”
6. “Just One Drink”
7. “Alone in My Home”
8. “Entitlement”
9. “That Black Bat Licorice”
10. “I Think I Found the Culprit”
11. “Want and Able”

Jack White — “High Ball Stepper” — fast forward to the 1:14 mark and you will hear the Black Keys opening riff from “I Got Mine”.

The Black Keys — “I Got Mine” — fast forward to the 0:08 mark and compare to the above mentioned.

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