Video Premiere: Nico Vega Share Live Video for “No Home” at Guitar Center

Photography by Tamea Agle

Nico Vega have shared with us the live video premiere for their new song “No Home” from their sophomore album release Lead to Light.  The video was filmed for the At: Guitar Center with Nic Harcourt Podcast.  The podcast is a Guitar Center series showcasing performances and in-depth interviews with a variety of indie artists, giving listeners a unique insight into the artists’ creative process and background.

“No Home” is an unsuspecting modern day “Lean on Me” type anthem.  According to vocalist Aja Volkman, “This song is an emotional song for me, it’s just sort of about people who don’t feel like they have a place maybe in the world, or a home or a space where they feel accepted and loved and it’s about them finding that and creating it for themselves and maybe even connecting with me or finding somebody to lean on and being that shoulder to lean on back for them.

The video shows us a stripped down, in studio performance that makes you feel like you’re sitting in on a friend’s band rehearsal. The simplicity of it creates a comforting and inviting space that syncs up perfectly with the bold, earnest lyricism and indie folk-pop stylings of the song.

Volkman is usually known for bringing glitz and glam to her live show, most recently sporting a kimono-esque dress and face-paint adornments (her on stage style, as mentioned in the podcast, being directly influenced by one of her biggest inspirations, Tina Turner) at their recent record release show at the Roxy. In Nico Vega’s video for “No Home,” Volkman keeps it simple wearing a t-shirt and the band follows in a similar fashion. Despite the lack of sparkles, the performance is just as electrifying.  Watch the video below!

Video: Nico Vega – “No Home” at Guitar Center

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