Future Islands’ showmanship a sight to see at FYF Fest

Future Islands fyf 2014 photos

Let me preface my review of this set by saying I’m not the biggest Future Islands fan. That said, you can’t help but respect their live act and FYF Fest 2014 proved no different.

The Baltimore synth band has tremendous stage charisma thanks to the dance stylings of Samuel Herring. It’s just very unexpected to see a man of Herring’s stature move the way he does while presumably not on drugs and while also singing in a very unique way.

There’s no doubt there’s a certain catchiness to their sound, largely built on the strong but understated bass and keyboards. There were many around me that seemed to be major fans of the quick-rising group, and even their expectations were exceeded. Their music just bred an extremely positive energy that was infectious, and it coursed its way through the crowd during their time on stage. It surely served as a solid appetizer for what was still to come.

Words: Mark E. Ortega

Photography: Monique Hernandez

Future Islands fyf 2014 photos

Future Islands fyf 2014 photos

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