La Roux transforms the Fonda Theatre into an upbeat “Sexotheque”

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Tuesday night, English synthpop export La Roux rocked The Fonda Theatre like gangbusters. Where Kylie Minogue left things with European dance pop, La Roux picked it up and has taken it to another level.

What you get with La Roux on album is surprisingly close to what you get on stage. Singer Elly Jackson’s vocal range is impressive and her falsetto never once cracked throughout an impressively high energy set at The Fonda.

La Roux had such a widespread audience. I was truly shocked how many “bros” showed up. A large group of them knew many of the words and helped get the dancing goingYou haven’t lived until you’ve seen a large group of guys sing, “She wants to know why he’s got all that money, money, money on him, he’s at the sexotheque.” That extremely catchy chorus is from “Sexotheque,” the single off La Roux’s latest release.

There were large pops in expected places. When La Roux busted out “In For The Kill” early on, by then everyone knew it was “fully on.” Prior to starting the song, Jackson remarked how people shoot photos with their iPhone and all of a sudden they’re a photographer. It was pretty tongue-in-cheek but there was a lot of truth behind it.

Jackson looked dapper in her striped blazer and her charisma was infectious as she moved around the stage. Whereas fellow European synth pop act CHVRCHES is more likely to tug at your heart strings, La Roux tugs at your dancing boots.

“Sexotheque” and finale closing “Bulletproof” were two of the more memorable points of the night but La Roux made sure there were no lulls in the action. The song “I’m Not Your Toy” is as good as anthem for those who have been played as I’ve heard recently. “It’s all false love and affection, you don’t like me, you just want the attention,” Jackson sang knowingly.

It was a good way to chase away the Tuesday blues and get things moving towards the weekend.

Check out our photos from La Roux’s performance at the Fonda Theatre with opening act, Midnight Magic.

Photography: Ceethreedom

Review: Mark E. Ortega

La Roux

la roux photos

la roux photos

la roux photos


Midnight Magic

Midnight Magic photos

Midnight Magic photos

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