Arcade Fire Roasted Turkey — Since 1621, Thanksgiving has been celebrated with a nice juicy turkey as the main course. Over the years, Arcade Fire has become the main course of indie music. And just like turkey, if you have an overload of Arcade Fire, it can sometimes make you sleepy and feeling guilty.

Stuffing a la Dan Deacon — It sits on the sides, but once you have a full serving of this treat, you’ll be stuffed with happiness. Dan Deacon is often the opening act for arena headliners such as Arcade Fire,  but once new crowds get a dose of his eclectic performance they are overloaded with joy leaving almost no room for anything else to live up to the experience.

My Bloody Valentine Corn — It looks good, it tastes great, but corn just doesn’t digest well. Similar to corn, MBV looks the part, sounds the part — but, man — that sound lashing doesn’t go down well with your ears the next morning. If you’re going to indulge in this sweet sound collision, prepare for undigested bits left ringing in your ears.


Cranberry Sauce Karen O — Just about everyone LOVES cranberry sauce at Thanksgiving. And who doesn’t LOVE Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Sometimes she gets super sweet like in “Maps” and other times she can be a bit tart like in “Date With The Night”.

LCD Soundsystem Bread rolls — There’s nothing unsatisfying about Thanksgiving bread rolls. Everyone is addicted to them, even those that claim to be “gluten free”. Universally loved by all, just like bread rolls, LCD Soundsystem fits in anywhere. Munch on them beginning, middle, and end. But beware, too many bread rolls will make you too full for any other delights. Too much LCD will make you not have the tolerance go listen to anything else, because they’re just too good.

Lorde the Green Bean Casserole — It’s tasty and good for you, but it’s actually not that good for you. Green beans aren’t so wholesome when they’re drenched in fat , but they sure do taste damn good. Lorde was once wholesome and good for you, but now pop culture has saturated her everywhere and anywhere that she’s no longer as appetizing.


Whipped Action Bronson Mashed Potatoes — Soft and fluffy, rich in flavor and they flow down smooth like buttah. Mashed potatoes and Action Bronson are just … Fuck, That’s Delicious. Not much more needs to be said here.

Pumpkin Foster The People Pie — A very POPular item on just about any Thanksgiving menu, pumpkin pie is as catchy as the chorus of “Pumped Up Kicks”. You either love it or hate it. There’s no inbetweens with pumpkin pie and Foster The People.

Tame Impala Mulled Wine — Drink a little too much of this holiday treat and you’ll be slurring “It feels like I only go backwards baby”. It makes you feel all warm and fuzzy and will definitely take you on a blissful trip to Cloud 9.


Morrissey Flavored Tofurky — At this point you can see where we are going with this and it only makes sense that our favorite vegan would embody our favorite vegan alternative. Even if the grand Morrissey has become quite the whiny douche.


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