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ty segall

16. “Crawler” by Ty Segall — From his remarkable full-length album, Manipulatorr, this fuzz banger starts off with a riff very reminiscent of The Stooges. Segall’s melodic yet glam-y vocals give this distortion-heavy track a lot more shimmering charisma. ~ Sandy

“17. Left Hand Free” by Alt-J — This track is a funky blues number that will get your head-bobbin’ and those hands clapping. Although not as complex as most the majority of their roster, the song has an addictive rhythm that has been blasted all over mainstream airwaves. Have fun with it. ~ Sandy

18. “The Light” by White Fence — Presley’s take on the high-octane punk most often heard from Thee Oh Sees. Just try to listen to the first 20 seconds without expecting Dwyer’s rabid yelp. It’s an exciting and exuberant listen and shows the extent of White Fence’s abilities, much of which has yet to be explored. ~ Ziv

19. “So Now You Know” by The Horrors — No, this song is definitely not like their raw post-punk predecessors, but it has a new wave cadence that envelopes you in all its soaring glory. It’s a great song to mark their evolution. ~ Sandy

20. “Take Me To Church” by Hozier — With a haunting piano and those distinct deep vocals, Irish singer/songwriter Hozier without a doubt, takes you to church with this powerful song that quickly jumped from indie music blogs to mainstream radio. ~ Sandy

mac demarco

21. “Let Her Go” by Mac DeMarco — Put it this way, all the high school teenie boppers who praise Burger Records as their bible absolutely love this song. It’s cute, it’s dreamy, it has a tropical vibe and it’s about love. How can you not LOVE this song. ~ Sandy

22. “Goshen 97” by Strands of Oak — This first track off his sophomore LP, HEAL sets the tone for the rest of the album. The bold guitar grinds compliment the deeply emotive lyrical theme of starting all over again. ~ Anne-Marie

23. “Forgive/Forgotten” by Angel Olsen — Unlike most of the gorgeous ballads on her album Burn Your Fire For No Witness, Olsen puts the folk to the side to deliver a fuzzy 90s sounding grunge/punk song. The striking arrangements are given a soft touch with her angelic vocals, and it works beautifully. ~ Sandy

24. “First In Forever” by Dot Hacker — The first track off their 2014 release, How’s Your Process? (Work) — this song is absolute genius. It’s sexy, complex in its layered sounds, heavy on the electronic tendencies, and Josh Klinghoffer’s vocals are intoxicating with his charming falsetto.
Clocking in at a little over six minutes, you can easily get lost in this sultry number. ~ Sandy

25. “Dura Como Piedra” by AJ Davila — Straight up, just a fun garage-punk song with a melody and chorus that is playfully addictive. Even if you don’t know what the fuck they’re saying, you can’t help but dig this jam. ~ Emily

future islands

26. “Sun In The Morning” by Future Islands — Talk about a feel-good song and the 2014 Coachella anthem for just about anyone that attended. This song is so damn beautiful, it hurts. ~ Sandy

27. “Gooey” by Glass Animals — This slow jam lives up to its name; gooey, slurry, sexy perfection. Kick back and chill to these bubbling, smooth vibes. ~ Anne-Marie Schiefer

28. “H.S.K.T” by Sylvan Esso — Sure, Amelia Meath intros this song with nothing but sweet and tender vocals, but just wait 30 seconds until the intensity of the bass and beats roll in and you’ll be up in arms to this bombastic track. And those Latin vibes, though! ~ Sandy

29. “Never Catch Me” by Flying Lotus featuring Kendrick Lamar — With delicate piano keys and a manic collection of electronic beats, Flying Lotus adds some lyrical flavor to this already powerful instrumental featuring Kendrick Lamar. Sure, the Top Dawg Entertainment star adds to the song’s greatness, but it’s Fly Lo’s experimental sound structures that makes this track truly shine. ~ Sandy

30. “Follow Me” by The Coathangers — The first track on the album “Follow Me” kicks down the door and comes barging in at full force with its pulsating, fast punk beat fueled with raspy, Misfits-esque howls and crazed guitar chords. It definitley grabs you by your (proverbial) balls and commands that you channel your aggression into the music and have a goddamn good time doing so. ~ Emily

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