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the black keys

46. “Fever” by The Black Keys — No, it’s nothing like the old Black Keys that we all love and miss, but this song is catchy as fuck. Built for the radio, but you gotta love the fetching combinations of electro-pop with a bit of 60s psychedelia. ~ Sandy

47. “No Time For Blues” by OBN III’s — The first track off their third full-length record, this guitar-heavy number screams with carnal energy and begs for you to shake your hips and bang your head. Get loose to it! ~ Sandy

48. “Good Mistake” by Mr. Little Jeans — The beautiful Nordic singer Monica Birkenes (aka Mr. Little Jeans) has finally delivered her long-awaited debut album. This song in particular is especially infectious with its delightful melodies that are the icing on her sultry vocals. ~ Sandy

49. “Your Weakness Gives Me Life” by Le Butcherettes — Taking you on an emotional roller coaster full of vast peaks and plummeting dips, the song reveals a mature growth from frontwoman Teri Gender Bender’s prior work. It’s a melodic rock ‘n’ roll tune that flies with power. ~ Sandy

50. “Youth In Decline” by SOS — The song features one of the most cinematic introductions coated with atmospheric sounds, airy vocals and a deep, almost demonic voice that tries luring you into the darkness. A stirring electronic number full of allure. ~ Brissa


51. “Disco//very” by Warpaint — It’s messy, its sounds lazy, but it’s oh-so-disco groovy. You almost feel like you’re on a Ayahuasca journey while listening to this hazy fusion of psych and electro rock. ~ Sandy

52. “Tasty” by Little Boots — The English electropop blonde bombshell delivers a flirty and fun song, but manages to pull lyrics that read like a story. The beats are ripe for the picking with narrative house that will get your body moving, and your mind thinking. ~ Sandy

53. “Slow Motion” by Phox — This track off their self-titled album is a swinging tune featuring sweet and delicate instrumentation and harmonies. Our favorite part, the clarinet solo. ~ Anne-Marie

54. “Right At Home” by Joshua Worden — A beautiful love song where he sings, “lost in thought and all alone / you give her looks and bad love poems” over syncopated claps, fat bass and a keyboard that transitions from sentimental to bouncing. The track builds until he is nearly crying out, “Some days I can almost feel your touch!” Goosebumps and all. ~ Ziv

55. “Rapt” by Karen O — Soft, genuine and totally cute (and labeled as “explicit” — this song is unlike anything we’ve heard from the fiery rock ‘n’ roll goddess that is Karen O. ~ Sandy


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