Calling All Shoe Addicts! Win a Pair of VANS Custom Shoes!

Vans Custom Shoes

VANS are the ultimate skate and style icon, trusted for years (since its inception in 1966) to keep our feet comfortable and looking good whether we are rockin’ a half-pipe, hitting the streets or jamming out at a concert. Now’s your lucky chance to a win a pair of VANS Custom Shoes (approx. retail value $65-85), where you get to put your own spin on the color, design and pattern on a variety of classic styles, such as the Slip-On, Old Skool, Authentic and more. What better way to kick off the New Year than by ringing it in with style!

Vans Shoes


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2. Next, leave a comment on this post letting us know why we should award you with a free pair of VANS Custom Shoes. Be sure to leave your valid email address when leaving a comment so we can notify you of your win (if selected as a winner). Email addresses are kept private and are not seen by the public. We will select winners on Tuesday, December 30th! Winners will need to reply to our email by 10 AM Wednesday, December 31st to confirm their win.

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VANS OTW – “What’s Good Los Angeles?”


VANS Skate x Spitfire – Los Angeles

54 thoughts on “Calling All Shoe Addicts! Win a Pair of VANS Custom Shoes!

  1. Iesha Green

    I think you should choose me to win the vans! I’m super dope, I love vans, I’ve been wearing them all my life. There is no better shoe! If I can’t get them I have 2 boys they love vans too!! Pick me

  2. Francis Blackwood

    Because I need a new pair of comfotable shoes. My shoes are old and having kids, my extra money pretty much goes on them. 😊

  3. Francis Blackwood

    Because I need a bew pair of comfotable shoes. My shoes are old and having kids, my we tra money prwtty much goes on them. 😊

  4. Gabriella Gonzalez

    I really want to win the checkered board slip on vans vans are also my favorite brands of shoes

  5. alexa

    I would really like to win free vans because my mom had past away it would make me really happy and this is a true story.

  6. Kelsey

    To be honest, I don’t NEED them but I WANT them. I just moved to LA and I need to save money but I also want to shop and buy everything. So winning would be pretty rad.

  7. Chris

    Ive always wanted a pair of vans but never could scrape up the money to buy a pair I would promote this website if I ever get the pair I don’t really have alot of money so it would mean alot if I got them

  8. Kristin G

    I would enjoy a pair of Vans because I haven’t been able to afford them for a few years! People in middle school and high school used to always identify me by the Vans i wore. I’m pretty sure my feet miss Vans and vice versa.

  9. Dale

    Vans are the only shoes I wear! I try to put them through the ringer, but they are so tough. Even when they are beat to hell and are essentially socks with soles, I put my vans on but the look like sneakers.

    I would love to get some custom shoes.

  10. Chrissy N.

    I should awarded a chance to create a custom VANS shows because I have been good all year and I really want this!

  11. Megan

    I’m a graphic designer, and what better way to show off your design skill then to put it on a shoe! I would love to be able to design my own pair with my own style!

  12. Anthony D Rivera

    Once upon a time; there was this boy and he got these magical shoes from this witch doctor These shoes were so fly that people were after them. The boy was chased day and night endlessly. He was tired scared and alone. One day he decided enough was enough. He shoot the witch doctor a text thanking her for the gift of the most baller shoes in the world but told her the power was too great for this envious world for of poser, haters and perpetrators. She gave him the wise words that in this world “You better check yourself before you wreck yourself”. He replied to her words of kindness with “Either they don’t know, don’t show, or don’t care about what’s going on in the hood.”. So the boy went to Mt.Doom and did the one thing he could do, throw the shoes in the volcanic fires below, sadly one casualty was made by him doing this, as one THOT, backpacker, swag kid jumped into the fires to try to snatch the shoes burning alive with the shoes his last yelling words echoed out “SWAG TO DEATH MY NIGGA!”. The boy walked back home and never had baller shoes ever again…… until if he won this contest. The end?

  13. claudia castaneda

    I love my Vans .. I wear them everywhere I Go .. They’re worn out to the core .. I’ve washed to keep ’em looking Fresh n New .. But I’m so sad to say that I can’t wear them anymore. I need a few new pairs .. A new set of colors and designs. I’d buy them myself, if I had the $$ .. It would mean so much more to me if I’d win them instead .. I’ll take such good care of them .. They would last longer .. I’d Go More Places, Just To Wear Them Everywhere I Go ✌

  14. Marcus Montemayor

    Honestly, all my shoes are fucked up from the concerts I attend. I just need a new pair to start the new year so I don’t look completely homeless! Haha

  15. shelly m

    I have never been able to afford a pair of customs so this would be a dream come true..
    fingers x crossed

  16. Joey B

    The one thing my uncle asked of me after being gone for 7 years was to get him a pair of ‘classic vans’…I screwed up Grimy Goods. He opened the box and disappointment overtook his face. I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to redeem myself. Even though i need a pair, PLEASE let me create a new classic for my uncle, and simultaneously restore my honor in being his nephew lol

  17. Emily F.

    I definitely need a rad new pair of Vans. I’ve worn out the bottoms of my Vans slip-ons so bad that when I walk it looks like they’re talking. The sole separates from the shoe.

  18. Frankie Tirado

    This would be the sickest! I immediately thought about how I’d design my customs, and they look so brilliant, it would be a shame to NOT choose me as the winner… just sayin’. Cheers!!

  19. Carmen Solorzano

    I would love to win this pair of shoes because being the devoted single mom that i am i always spend every penny i have on my little one. These would come in handy for my little feet 🙂

  20. steven guerrero

    my shoes are getting really worn out, with holes everywhere. I need a new pair since i don’t have the money right now to get some

  21. missaye

    I’d love to win a pair of VANS because they have been my brand since I was a kid and to be able to have my own customized pair would be the bees knees!

    Please make my holiday wish come true, please. kthx!

  22. Will Franco

    I would love to win these free vans because It would be the perfect gift for someone I know. I would customize them myself knowing what she would like on them :] it would be a perfect way for me to start off the new year, giving away something I won! Thanks! Hope I win (and not for my own sake) haha!

  23. Endless Meghan

    Since I was a wee lass watching the cool kids on their skateboards while on my trike I’ve wanted a pair of checkered Vans. I’ve come into many shoes, but those have always eluded me.

  24. Emily

    I didn’t purchase an xmas gift for the guy that I’ve been dating for 12 years. But to be fair, I’m pretty sure that he hasn’t bought me anything either. We’re horrible about buying gifts for each other in general – birthdays, xmas… and most certainly not that sad excuse for commercialism – valentine’s day. Its not like we don’t do stuff for each other or buy each other things. I promise though that if I win, I wouldn’t keep the shoes for myself – they would go to that guy, because I guess it might be nice to experience receiving a gift on or about a socially appropriate day of the year once in a while. Also, maybe even more awesome than the gift would be not having that awkward exchange with people where they’re like: “So what did your (bf/gf/person) (get/get from) you for (xmas/b-day/v-day)?” and where you’re like “Nothing” and the other person pretends to understand but really they’re secretly judging you.

  25. Beatriz Barajas

    Id love to win a pair if vans customer shoes because those are my fave brand if shows. I go way back with Vans and brings back rad memories from my time in high school. I would love to be able to customize a pair to keep design to make more memories with. vans shoes rock!

  26. Michael Hillson

    Vans are an iconic part of California culture and I’m embarrassed to admit I’ve never owned a pair. Customs are the best of all as I get to design them myself. The shoes I have on are disintegrating as I type this and are probably doing my feet more harm than good. Hoping to turn this all around thanks to another cool Grimy Goods contest…

  27. Claudine Garay

    Who doesn’t love getting a new pair of shoes? More importantly free-new pair of shoes. The only brand of shoes I wear is Vans and would love to add another pair of shoes to my already two pair collection! 🙂

  28. Carolina G

    Would be so rad customizing my own shoes!! What an awesome way to express your personality/creativity…hope I get to flaunt a pair of these this upcoming year.

  29. Danielle Dauenhauer

    Since my skull-filled checkerboard Vans went to shoe heaven earlier this year (that’s a thing, right? I don’t want to conceive of a world where my shoes’ final resting place is a garbage heap in New Jersey), my feet have been woefully unadorned with the brand of kicks I find most conducive to my awesome concert going California lifestyle. “Why, shoe gods, WHY have you not seen it fit to put another pair of Vans (perhaps in the colors of the California sunset like Weird Al wore in that one album insert…Poodle Hat, I believe),” I have screamed in no particular direction more than once in the past few months. Perhaps this contest, THIS glorious distribution of textiles and awesomeness, is what I’ve been shouting for all along!

    Or maybe it’s just a contest I’m entering on the internet. I don’t know. I’d really like some shoes, though. GRASSY ASS!

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