The Best Los Angeles Pizza for Music Lovers

Life in Los Angeles can be hectic and often time music lovers find themselves going to various lengths just to catch their favorite local bands’ opening sets, relieve stress by dancing it up at a club, or simply hopping between shows and bars for a night out on the town. We do it because we love music and want to fully enjoy and take advantage of everything that this music-fueled city has to offer. All that running around and zipping about town is well worth it if the reward is a perfect live music experience, but sometimes we get damn hungry along the way.

To keep your appetite satisfied, and subsequently avoid dance floor collapse or having only beer for dinner (although it certainly helps hold you over), there’s always one trustworthy, go-to food you can count on for energy and sustenance, pre or post show. That reliable super food is…you guessed it, pizza. We’ve made a list of top pizza joints in close proximity to several Los Angeles music venues so that you can seamlessly get your grub on and rock on.

town pizza highland park

1. Town Pizza

Located in Highland Park, the most up-and-coming city in Los Angeles, and much of the U.S. — Town  Pizza is the With tasty New York-style slices, the popular North East LA pizza joint just opened up its restaurant version (they’ve always had their walk-in). Now, you can actually sit at a table, have a beer or glass of wine while enjoying a pie, and even a salad! Town pizza has made some major comfort upgrades, but the pizza is still the same: absolutely delicious. Needless to say, they always have the best tunes pumping through the airwaves, and don’t be surprised if you see one of your favor local musicians in the joint. You can also catch some live music at the new Highland Park venue The Hi Hat which is literally a two-minute walk from Town. Town pizza is our new favorite. More info!

2. Prufrock Pizzeria


Prufrock Pizzeria – Downtown – Prufrock are relatively new to the DTLA scene but their proximity to fellow newcomers The Regent Theater has us extremely delighted. Now there’s a perfect spot to see eclectic music and comedy acts and eat pizza. See, we can have nice things. Besides, where else can you go see performances from the likes of Run the Jewels, Fidlar and Tig Notaro, while simultaneously indulging in Neopolitan style pizza, complete with fresh mozzarella and a bubbly crust? Bonus: Brunch is served up on Sundays and pairs perfectly with a trip to the Rock n’ Roll Flea Market, every first Sunday of the month. Two noms up! More info!

3. Masa

Masa Heart Pizza

MasaEcho Park – Whether you’re seeing a show at The Echo/Echoplex, gearing up for a sweaty dance night at Short Stop or perusing vinyl and scoping out an in-store performance at Origami Vinyl, complement that with pizza from Masa. This popular neighborhood joint offers both bistro pizza and if you’ve got some time to kill before a show, take the time to indulge in their specialty – deep dish, Chicago-style pizza. They’ve also got more toppings than you can shake a stick at, if you feel like building your own crazy pizza concoction. More info!

4. Two Boots

Two Boots Pizza 500pxw

Two BootsEcho Park – Not only does Two Boots offer up consistently tasty, NY-style pizza with everything from delicious vegan options to meat-lovers dreams, it does so in the extremely convenient location next door to The Echo. You can even order pizza from inside The Echo, so you can have pizza with your beer and music all at the same damn time! What’s not to love about that? More info!

5. Prime Pizza

prime pizza

Prime PizzaWest Hollywood – If you’re going out for a night on the Sunset Strip or hitting up a show at Molly Malone’s consider stopping by Prime Pizza on Fairfax for a bite. They keep things simple, tasty and offer both slices and whole pies. Also, the staff usually selects awesome tunes that play through their Sonos system, and you may just find yourself tappin’ your feet along to the beat, with each bite. Bonus: They’re open until 11pm on weekdays and 2am on weekends (closed Monday). More Info!

6. Pitfire Pizza

Pitfire Pizza

Pitfire PizzaDowntown – Pitfire Pizza has several locations but their DTLA one especially rocks because it is literally a hop, skip and jump away from Redwood Bar. So before you decide to get blasted and pogo like a mad pirate to your favorite punk and alternative groups, you can get your filthy paws on some delicious pizza. The menu has everything from classic pizzas like Margherita to more adventurous ones like the Greens, Eggs and Ham which comes with broccolini, eggs, garlic oil and prosciutto. The wide open space is inviting, great service and more often than not they’ll be spinning solid tunes. More info!


7. Joe’s Pizza


Joe’s PizzaWest Hollywood / Hollywood – Joe’s pizza is a no-nonsense, piece of New York pizza heaven in Los Angeles – glorious thin slice pies, simple salads and garlic knots that are hard to resist…excuse me, while I go eat now. The Weho location is near House of Blues and the Sunset Strip venues (The Roxy, The Viper Room, The Whiskey, etc) and they tend to bump alt-rock/’90s jams in store, while the Hollywood location (near Hotel Cafe, King King, Amoeba, etc) leans towards hip-hop. It’s a win-win. More info!

8. Lucifer’s Pizza

Lucifer's Greek Lamb Rosemary Pizza

Lucifer’s PizzaLos Feliz – The name alone is enough to invoke intrigue and they maintain a simple motto – damn good pizza. They’ve got simple and complex pies (Greek lamb & rosemary pizza, anyone?) and they even offer gluten free crusts and vegan cheese for those with complex diets. Everyone walks away from Lucifer’s with a damn good pizza and you may easily find yourself grubbing there before heading south on Hillhurst for a DIY show at The Church of Fun, bobbing along to the classics at the Dresden Room with Marty & Elayne or scoping out local music, DJs and stand-up comedy at The Virgil. More Info!

9. Olio Pizza

Olio Pizza jpg
Olio Pizza

OlioDowntown – Olio Pizzeria is located inside Grand Central Market and if you’re willing to brave the crowds, it’s a good spot to stop for a bite. Pop in before Punky Reggae Party, Mucho More or Hip-Hop Happy Hour at La Cita, free concerts at Grand Park or a fancy Walt Disney Hall production. Their specialty is wood-fired, individual sized pizzas, so you are free to get whatever damn toppings you please (hold the mushrooms!) and you don’t have to worry about splitting the bill – phew! More info!

*This post was recently updated to reflect a new Los Angels pizza joint and venue. 



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