Drive Like Jehu thrash the Glass House like it’s 1994

Drive Like Jehu

Last night, Drive Like Jehu performed their highly awaited Los Angeles reunion show at The Glass House in Pomona. Drive Like Jehu reunited late last year with a reunion show at the Spreckels Organ Pavillon in Balboa Park — 19 years after Jehu’s disbanded. The reunion show was a success and naturally, left Jehu fans from all over the world wanting more. And thankfully for fans in Los Angeles, they got to relive those Drive Like Jehu memories with an incredible live performance last night.

Drive Like Jehu played a 12-song set with three encores. The band thrashed through a good portion of songs from their 1991 self-titled debut such as “If it Kills You” and “Caress”, along with many others. 1994’s Yank Crime was brought back to life with “Here Come the Rome Plows” and powerful encores “Do You Compute?,” “Hand Over Fist” and “Bullet Train to Vegas.” 

For those headed out to Coachella this weekend, be sure to pencil in Drive Like Jehu into your show schedule. It will change your life.

Opening up for Drive Like Jehu were Mrs. Magicians. Check out our photos of Drive Like Jehu with Mrs. Magicians at The Glass House.

Photography: Monique Hernandez



Drive Like Jehu

Drive Like Jehu

Drive Like Jehu

Drive Like Jehu



Mrs. Magician

Mrs. Magician

Want more photos? Check out the photo gallery below!

Drive Like Jehu at The Glass House Setlist

Spikes to You
O Pencil Sharp
Good Luck in Jail
If It Kills You
Here Come the Rome Plows
New Math
Human Interest
Golden Brown
Super Unison
Do You Compute?
Hand Over Fist
Bullet Train to Vegas



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