Win an iOgrapher Video Bundle — Get your DIY videography on!

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iOgrapher is paving the way for bringing DIY video/photography projects to a whole new level with their life, camera, action ethos and the technology to support it. The iOgrapher case transforms an iPad Mini, Air or Air2 into a user-friendly shooting powerhouse. Whether you’re filming a backyard concert, interviewing a local band at a festival or videotaping a song for your music Kickstarter campaign—whatever the project may be, iOgrapher will ease the process of filming but still crank out high quality results.

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Some of the drool-worthy iOgrapher bundle specs include: tough and durable cases, suitable for a variety of shooting environments, 37mm lenses open up the doors for wide angles, fisheye looks, and extreme close ups, tripod allows for continuous shooting, etc. Grimy Goods has teamed up with iOgrapher to give away a video bundle that comes with iOgrapher case of choice (iPad mini, air or air2), microphone, light, lens and tripod. You can enter our contest below to try and win an iOgrapher Case and video bundle (approx $250 value)!


1. First make sure you’re following Grimy Goods on Twitter here and/or “like” our Facebook page here.

2. Next, leave a comment on this post letting us why you should win the iOgrapher video bundle and how you will be using it. **Please specify in your comment your iOgrapher case of choice (iPad mini, air or air2)** Be sure to leave your valid email address when leaving a comment so we can notify you of your win (if selected as a winner). Email addresses are kept private and are not seen by the public. We will select winners on Wednesday, July 1st! Winners will need to reply to our email by 10 AM Thursday, July 2nd to confirm their win.

3. When you’re done with your email entry, send us a Tweet (see below) or you can post on our Facebook wall.

TWEET:  Hi @GrimyGoods I wanna win that sweet @iOgrapher video bundle for some #DIY #Videography!

FACEBOOK: Just leave a comment on our wall letting us know you entered our giveaway for a iOgrapher video bundle! Be sure to tag iOgraphers’ Facebook page in your comment.

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10 thoughts on “Win an iOgrapher Video Bundle — Get your DIY videography on!

  1. Sandra Allen

    I used one of your cases during a session at CUE Rockstar Chico earlier this summer. They are perfect for teacher and student use! I am super excited to bring video production to my first graders this coming school year. They will be creating videos on our iPad mini with Do Ink, iMovie, and Lego Movie Maker. Sharing their knowledge and creativity in this manner will definitely enhance their learning experiences. The iOgrapher Video Bundle will help to bring movie magic to our first grade classroom!

  2. Sue S Puetz

    I live in a motorhome while exploring the USA. I capture moments at National Parks, events, … and hope to inspire others to get out and explore. The iOgrapher Video Bundle would be awesome for accomplishing my goal.

  3. Robert Guevara

    Hey GG! I’d love this for my ipad Mini! I’d use it for my blog that I’m trying to make more interview/video centric. I’d also use it to take a creepishly obsessive amount of videos of my dog 🙂
    Thanks, and good luck to all!

  4. Melissa Parra

    This is such an awesome giveaway. I am planning to start a YouTube channel soon and I think this would help me get my foot in the door and make things easier while filming. I would appreciate the iOgrapher so much an I’m absolutely positive it will come in handy in a lot of ways!

  5. Ashley Arias

    I would love this for my brothers iPad. He majored in communications so I know this would be something he will definitely like!

  6. Nathaly

    This would be perfect for getting my business ideas off the ground. Professional quality is everything these days.

  7. William

    I would love to use this for my comedy show! We are gong to start one in my parents’ garage. It was going to be be a podcast but this would be a plus!

  8. Brian Holden

    Grimy Goods! What a funny story about how I found out about you guys! Just the other day I found myself sitting in my friends apartment and both of us were just playing random songs off of our iPods. My friend played Fever The Ghost’s “Source”. I was immediately in love. I searched for Fever The Ghost online soon after to indulge in more entertainment. My success lead me to Google searching for the band themselves. As I searched on the “web” setting I soon followed with a click on the “images” tab. I found one live photo, clicked on it and was brought to And funny thing too…coming here I fell in love as well. The fashion and the music scene here is what I connect with! So I’m excited to have found this website. Coincidentally enough my friend and I were talking the very same day about filming our own “Vice” style documentaries to keep us occupied. As a possible option for something different to do in Kansas City. It seems like the stars have aligned properly, because here I am having discovered new music which then brought me to this awesome website, and now to a really cool possibility. If I were to win the “iOgrapher Video Bundle” I would like the “air” pack. I plan on filming my own documentaries, interviews (with eccentric people of downtown Kansas City) and music videos and tons more. Film has always been a love of mine, I have a really creative mind so I would always be able to create a new project. I’m constantly writing down ideas, for things whether it’s a song, a musical part, idea for a movie (which I have tons of) or anything else, I just love to create. I feel like finances are the only thing holding me back with trying to burst out into the entertainment world. Hence why if I were to win this contest it would be fantastic. Because I could explore this interest of mine a little more. Anyways thank’s for the time, and for holding this contest too!

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