5 Must See Acts at Echo Park Rising, Saturday

If there’s any day of Echo Park Rising where the excitement is at an all time high, it’s Saturday. The second day of the three-day festival is always jam-packed with a variety of live music for all to enjoy. While there’s a lot more bands we’d recommend catching live, we’ve narrowed it down to five. If you’re taking part in all the fun this weekend, be sure to check out our 5 Must See Acts at Echo Park Rising this Saturday!

You can view our selections for Friday here!

1. Smoke Season — 1:30pm at Lost Knight (Main Room)

smoke season

Made up of the alluring duo, Gabrielle Wortman and Jason Rosen, the two have an amazing stage chemistry that commands your attention. Their music radiates with hints of blues, soul, electro and sexy rock ‘n’ roll. Prepare to be enamored by Smoke Season.


2. Kim & The Created — 5pm at Blue Collar Working Dog and 9:45pm at Lolipop Records

kim and the created

Garnering a lot of attention this past year in the East Hollywood music community, Kim & The Created have been playing shows left-and-right, including music festivals such as Desert Daze. Led by the captivating front-woman, Kim, whether she’s rolling around on the floor, climbing rafters or taking her shirt off, there is never a dull moment with their raucous punk rhythms.


3. Harriet Brown — 6:50pm at Echoplex

Harriet Brown

Prepare for baby-making music: Harriet Brown is the stage name of Aaron Valenzuela, who dons the 2002-era Manny Pacquiao bull haircut. Brown’s music is a throwback to some of the best ’90s R&B slow jams you’ll hear today. Think Prince, D’Angelo and Sade all wrapped into one delicious treat.


4. Blood Candy — 5pm at Lost Knight (Main Room)

blood candy

One of our 13 L.A. Bands to Watch in 2015, shoe gazers Blood Candy make things fuzzy in all the right places. A bit of My Bloody Valentine meets the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, their reverb-heavy guitars meshes perfectly with the Karen O-like vocals of lead singer Tara.


5. Dead Dawn — 2:10pm at Blue Collar Working Dog 

dead dawn

Stark, thick and haunting are three words that come to mind when listening to Dead Dawn. Their music sounds like it should score the soundtrack of an eerie Western or the next Tarantion flick. Front-woman China Morbosa summons your attention as she spellbindingly sings in a morose tone fueled by crashing cymbals and brooding guitars.




Wild Ones, Elliot Moss, Smoke Season, and Riothorse Royale light up Club Bahia in Echo Park

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