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East L.A. rock quartet Stars At Night are bringing something fierce and honest to the table with their new video for “My Way,” the latest single off their sophomore self-titled album which will be unleashed this Friday, May 20th. The band comprised of Irene Quiles (vocals/keyboard), Joana Rubio (drums), Seleste Diaz (guitar), and Elizabeth Banuelos (bass) are really hitting their stride with “My Way,” a song that showcases no holds barred rock n’ roll fervor and touches upon the relatable idea of breaking free from one’s dead end job in pursuit of heftier musical ambitions.

On coming up with the concept for the video the band reveals that it was collaboration with director Polaris Castillo‘s vision and inspired by their real daily gigs. From Polaris’ point of view “This video is about rebellion. It’s easy to fall into the world of workaholism and become a zombie without a voice. This is especially dangerous to the soul. This video is about finally withdrawing and turning the tables around to find self expression.” Vocalist Irene Quiles adds, “The “My Way” video depicts four strong women stuck in a day to day routine which has been eating away at them for years and has made them angry, unhappy and not having quite realized that they have a choice and they don’t have to stay trapped, stay prisoners of their own fears, to move forward. The video shows the moment they realized that they have to make a change in order to make their own happiness and clear the way for their own path…and finally say to hell with this, I’m going to do me.”

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I think it’s safe to say that a lot of people have been in or are currently in this type of situation and “My Way” offers encouragement to continue pursuing your passions diligently, even if you have to balance it with a job to pay the bills. When it comes to the band’s personal experience they divulge, “We’ve all had our share of dirty gigs and fun ones too. To name a few: amusement parks, doggy daycare, coffee shops, accounting, post production, Uber. Funny enough Seleste (guitarist) and Joana (drummer) both currently work at Chango Coffee where the video was shot. We’ve met some some really cool people there but our best job is Stars At Night!” And when it came to shooting the video in their workplace, for Seleste and Joana it was nothing but pure joy to have their day job life collide happily with their rock n’ roll reality. “Some of the best parts were being able to shoot at our actual job and crank up our volume while we played in a small shop…the walls were shaking, tables breaking and light fixtures falling.”

We bet after watching this video your body will follow suit, shaking to the beat and with the flow of genuine rock n’ roll coursing through your veins, which means SAN will have done their non-day job quite well. “Loud and ready to roar” no matter where they’re performing, SAN would love for “people to hear our record, come out to the show and get pumped and full of energy.” You can catch Stars At Night’s official record release show at Los Globos this Friday, May 20th and grab a copy of the new album same day.

Stars At Night self-titled album is available for pre-order now via iTunes.



Stars At Night Tour Dates
5/20 Los Angeles, CA – Los Globos – Record Release Show w/ Bird Mad Girl, DJ Emma, DJ Ghetto Funk, DJ Fenix – Get tickets!
5/21 Wonder Valley, CA – Deserted At The Palms Music Festival w/ The Garden, The Dead Ships, Kim and the Created, Death Valley Girls, Fartbarf, Haunted Summer & More – Get Tickets!
November European + Mexico Tour Dates TBD

Watch Stars At Night’s New Video For “My Way”:

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Stars At Night
Stars At Night (Self-Titled)
May 20, 2016