Devendra Banhart serenades fans at impromptu Dilettante show in support of Venezuelan children

Last Thursday, Devendra Banhart played quite the special set at Dilettante in Downtown Los Angeles. It was a cozy and intimate setting, and the best way to take in a stripped-down solo set from Barnhart. The performance was in support of the tragic situation currently happening in  Venezuela. According to Banhart’s Facebook post, “Due to [Venezuela’s] failing economic system, the most basic human needs are not being met and the public health system is in a state of emergency… Babies are dying because infrastructure is collapsing and are they unable to provide even the most basic health care that we take for granted here: antibiotics, bandages, and even food.”

It was a beautiful evening of music, and all for a good cause. 100 percent of the proceeds went to Venezuelan children in need of medical aid such as incubators, milk, antibiotics and more.

Banhart was humble as he performed a couple new songs, as well as fan favorites like “Daniel” and “Mi Negrita.” It was truly a moving experience for some 50 lucky fans.

Photography & Words: Andrew Gomez


Devendra Banhart Devendra Banhart Devendra BanhartDevendra Banhart Devendra Banhart


Devendra Banhart

Devendra Banhart Devendra Banhart

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