Little Monarch

Dive Into Little Monarch’s Sun-Soaked Indie Pop Jams

Los Angeles-based indie pop trio, Little Monarch are dropping their self-titled debut EP tomorrow, but Grimy Goods has it available today for you to stream in full! The four-track EP kicks off with a brilliant track titled “No Matter What.” Setting a sweet, upbeat tone for the record, the song stings you in the heart with a surge of good vibes and harmony. You can’t help but dance to this jam.

The band consisting of an L.A. native, a New York transplant and a Memphis import — Little Monarch came together by the most unusual of circumstances. Singer/songwriter and music teacher Casey K has been a live musician for quite some time now. With a jazz album and publishing company to her name, she still felt as though something was lacking. In comes, Berklee College of Music grad Nick Setter, who ironically enough, interned at the school at which Casey taught. Without a stop, the pair instantly connected and began writing music together. While catching a show at the House of Blues, Casey was enamored with keyboardist Lanita Smith, who also has quite the head-turning track record. Lanita won a Guitar Center singer songwriter contest, which led to performances on Jimmy Kimmel and with notable artists. The rest is history, and the history will continue to grow tomorrow, October 21st when Little Monarch make their dazzling, sun-soaked EP available to the public. The EP, rich in bright and breezy tunes, sounds as though it were made for a summer release. Considering we’re hitting 90-degree weather here in Los Angeles (during the fall), Little Monarch’s EP comes at a perfect time.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”#FF78FF” class=”fistclass” size=”15″]”We never really set out to make an EP or even form a band really,” shares Casey. “We just all came together as writing partners and friends under various circumstances and then it just snowballed from there. The first song we had was ‘Forever’ which really was just a guitar vocal track that Nick and I wrote on my porch last year. Once Lanita came into the picture we circled back to a lot of our unfinished tracks and she really filled them out, added touches of soul and R&B. Then everything started to come together and make sense musically.”[/perfectpullquote]

From the slow-burning, climatic sheen of “Too Little Too Late,” to the soulful rock croons of “Forever” — Little Monarch have put together a most delicious indie pop album. The EP soars with anthemic hooks begging you to dance and sing-along.

Stream Little Monarch’s debut EP below and follow then on Facebook for upcoming show dates and news.

Little Monarch EP