Song Premiere: Holy Wars reveal debut single “I Can’t Feel A Thing”

Kat Leon of Hot Wars -- Photo by Mark Hanson

Kat Leon of Hot Wars — Photo by Mark Hanson

Led by the fierce vocal seductress, Kat Leon, Holy Wars have released their highly anticipated debut single “I Can’t Feel A Thing.” Wrought with emotion and a beautiful blistering of guitars and drums, the LA-based band have come together quite nicely. You may recall Leon and bandmate Nick Perez from their past project, Sad Robot — together, the two have rebirthed with Holy Wars and it sounds amazing.  

Holy Wars have already been making their rounds through the LA indie circuit with past shows at The Hi Hat, The Echo and DBA256. The band has effortlessly gained praise from new and old fans. With the release of their debut single “I Can’t Feel A Thing,” fans are only going to get more excited for Holy Wars’ future releases.  

Inspired by “depression, reflection and loneliness,” Holy Wars’ debut single “I Can’t Feel a Thing” was written during Leon’s year of grief after both her parents passed away in 2015.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”#FF78FF” class=”fistclass” size=”15″]”Not realizing what I would be writing in my journal as forms of healing at the time would later make its way into a song where each song hints at a different stage of grief,” shares Leon. “This stage inspired the song ‘I Can’t Feel a Thing’ where in that moment I felt like a ghost, lacking all emotions as it even mentions in the lyric “you can fire at the orphan, because she wouldn’t feel it now.”[/perfectpullquote]

Even’s the song’s bridge section, displays subtle suicidal thoughts and hints at a lack of faith. Despite the lyrical content being quite heavy, the “music is meant to be empowering, driving and hard hitting instead of slow and gut wrenching.”

Stream the song for yourself below:

While Leon’s transition from Sad Robot to Holy Wars was a must, it did take quite some time to develop. Sad Robot was just picking up some speed and playing more LA shows, but as with many life altering situations, a rebirth of a sort was needed after Leon’s parents’ had passed.

“I needed a new start post personal hurricane,” explains Leon. “I was a different person inside, I wrote music differently, I looked at life around me very differently and so I couldn’t go back to Sad Robot after taking some time off. I had to move forward in a new form, like a Phoenix in some way. Even though the two projects come from the same person, the sound is very different. The music was written during my year off with no specific idea what it would become. I just knew I wanted it to be different, heavy, and it needed to be more raw and honest … Sad Robot was always about searching for something and Holy Wars is about recognizing that we already had it but didn’t know.”

Holy Wars will released their Mother EP on June 30th. The release is one part of a two-part EP. The band’s Father EP will follow Mother. Each EP will have three tracks, ending with the 6th track titled “Mother, Father — a tribute to Leon’s parents.

Hearing Holy Wars on a stream is one thing, but seeing the band perform live is a whole other experience. Kat Leon is an enchanting performer, full of emotional and physical movement — something that needs to be witnessed live. With that said, Holy Wars have three upcoming Los Angeles dates scheduled. We highly recommend you add one of their shows to your calendar.

May 30th – The Satellite with Battle Tapes
June 7th – Harvard and Stone with Teleskopes
June 29th – The Hi Hat for their Mother EP release show

For more music and tour dates, follow Holy Wars via their Facebook page.

Holy Wars at The Echoplex -- Photo: Wes Marsala

Holy Wars at The Echoplex — Photo: Wes Marsala

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