LA-based Nordic songstress Majken premieres new video for “Here and Now” off her upcoming debut album

Unfolding like a soothing fever dream, LA-based artist Majken’s self-directed video for her new song “Here And Now” is a deeply mesmerizing saunter through her overexposed indie-pop sound. Filtered with that 70’s home video feel, the film sees the singer/songwriter and director dancing and flashing sultry looks at the camera surrounded by orange tinted greenery while her vocals dip lazily under the waves of her surf-rock haze. At first glance, it’s a dreary ditty about the shortness of life that masks itself in the deep synth rumblings and Majken’s breathy vocals before eventually unraveling amidst its surging growths as a defiant promise to wring out every drop of meaning out of her existence.

Her upcoming album Dancing Mountains was written and recorded with her journey as an international artist in mind, taking pieces of her fascination with LA’s neon lit streets, Paris’ seductive air, and the peacefulness of a Nordic fjord and distilling them down into her dreamy pop creations. “Here And Now” follows Majken’s other singles and music video release, the first of which was “Fainted Love,” a driving piece that takes the singer’s weary pop on the road and finds itself at home amongst the overcast jangle-rock of LA. The geographical gulf between the Scandinavian and Southern Californian coast might seem vast, but Majken bridges that distance with her Velvet Underground-tinged sonics and lush guitar noisiness–a sound that recalls local cult favorites like Best Coast and New York-transplants Cults. Majken has burrowed herself into a euphoric niche that is rooted in an otherworldly nostalgia of glazed-over, introspective rock that is at once a homage to decades past and sublimely original.

“Here And Now” is about living everyday to the fullest. Today is all we got tomorrow is not. About wanting someone you love to jump on the train with you in the morning sun and not look back. It’s about everything right here and now,” Majken says of the video’s emotional inspirations. 

Watch Majken’s New Video for “Here and Now”


Dancing Mountains is out August 25, 2017.

Catch Majken live at Harvard and Stone in Hollywood on August 14th.

Visit Majken’s website and Facebook to stay updated on future releases, videos, and tour dates. Watch her video for the lead single “Fainted Love” from her debut below!

Dancing Mountains tracklist

  1. Dreaming of Franco
  2. Where It All Begins
  3. Everything’s Wild
  4. Corner of 69
  5. A Little More Time
  6. Fainted Love
  7. Here And Now
  8. Madness
  9. I Have A Dream
  10. You And I
  11. Feel It All
  12. Dear You


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