It’s that time of year again, folks! LA is literally burning, humidity is at an all time high, and it’s September, which can only mean we are experiencing a second summer. I think then, it is fair to crown an ‘album of the second summer,’ and I’d like to nominate the upcoming LP from thanks., Colfax. Comprised of Steve Pagano and Mario Borgatta, thanks. is a project born out of a love for the unconventional. The duo met at Berklee College of Music in 2009, and immediately clicked. Recently, they relocated to LA and have been collaborating on music ever since.

Their first few singles from the bright new record have given us a good idea of what to expect, but with today’s premiere of “Annabelle,” thanks. gets heartsick. The story describes the toils of love, with the band describing it further:

“A couple days prior to writing this song, we were walking in Hollywood and overheard a nearby couple talking about ‘Annabelle,’ and thought ‘hey, that’s a pretty name. We should write a song with it.’ The actual music happened when Mario and I were jamming with a bass and a cheap little synth from the 80s called an Omnichord. The chords you can come up with that thing are unique since it doesn’t perform like any other instrument. We ended up landed on something that seemed to work in an unconventional way. The lyrics tell a simple story based off our fictional Hollywood character, this person doing everything they can to save their relationship with Annabelle. We hope she hears our song and knows how much she means to us!”

We open up with a scratchy recording introducing the song as a tale of love, one meant for children apparently. The melody bobs steadily, taking influence from ‘60s-era psych rock; unsurprisingly it was written while listening to “Across the Universe,” even taking after Lennon’s vocal cadence. The lyricism is entertaining, not just for the hyperbolic story it tells, but also for just how much fun it is to sing along with. After a listen or two, it is easy to catch onto the soulful rhythm and hit each word of the chorus with purpose: “‘Cause I would die and go to hell to save this love Annabelle!”

Keep your ears open for Colfax soon. Follow thanks. on Twitter and Instagram for more info.

by: Zoë Elaine