Laughing Along with Caroline Rose at her Sold-Out LA Show

caroline rose

Photo Credit: CJ Harvey

Caroline Rose is a comedian. If you’ve heard her new record, LONER, you know she takes pleasure in poking fun at other people and society in general. She is a goofy satirist with surprisingly deep sentiment, and her live performance only contributed to her appeal. Her sold out show at the Moroccan Lounge supported by Cardioid was a romp enjoyed by all.

Cardioid is a local band that you may already know, though this was only one stop for them on their tour with Caroline Rose, which has taken them down the west coast and will deposit them in Texas. They told us they were here to rock, and they weren’t kidding, though their take on the genre was somehow more addictive than anticipated. They were a dextrous trio and a dangerous quartet when their fourth member joined them for a couple tracks. Such are the benefits of hometown shows–that and the local fan support. Though, in all honesty, the biggest fans of Cardioid were their Vermont-based tourmates.

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“Cardioid is the best band in the world.” – Caroline Rose


With an aptly protracted introduction, red-clad hero Caroline Rose and her band marched onstage and promptly blew out an amp after one song. It was the perfect start to an energetic and thoroughly entertaining set. They played through Rose’s recent record, LONER, a masterpiece of wit and rhythm. Jaunty guitar licks meet organ melodies meant for a baseball game, and Rose’s lyrics will take you on a ride…to the gas station for some 40s. Hearing the tracks live made me question my own favorites from the album, with “Cry!” and “Animal” eliciting an unexpectedly boisterous response from the crowd.

It’s most likely just a wonderful coincidence that Caroline Rose’s tour started in Pride Month. That doesn’t mean that her wish for her queer brethren to have a happy pride counted any less. When talking about where she was four years ago, Rose made clear that the Americana scene didn’t feel welcoming to queer artists such as herself; at best this is a career disappointment, having put out two solid records in the genre. But LONER turned out to be a better self-representation than she could have hoped for, letting her bright, weird personality shine through. And if you’re on the east coast, you’ll have your chance to see her up close and personal this fall on the second leg of her North American tour.

Buy LONER on Bandcamp. Follow Caroline Rose on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You should also follow Cardioid on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


words: Zoë Elaine

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