yOya offer-up a harmonic anthem in new single “I Don’t Wanna Fight”


Since their debut album Nothing To Die, Los Angeles-based songwriting duo yOya have made a point in blurring the line between their acoustic-folk sentiments and the logical electro-pop infusions that inform them. Originally natives of Corvallis, OR, Alex Pfender and Noah Dietterich brought their Graceland-soundtracked childhood with them when they moved to Los Angeles and found themselves sponging-up all the electronic soundscapes that covered the city. On their latest, the anthemic and harmony-driven “I Don’t Wanna Fight,” the group’s folk infatuations ring through strongly and dismantle any notion that yOya has lost something in their longtime move. Both Pfender and Dietterich’s croons are dually cutting as they are euphonious, humming blissfully against the vigorous strums of their acoustic guitars. There’s not much electro-pop oozing from this single, but its sleek production offers a sense of clarity to the song’s already highly-emotional confessions.

“[the song] is about a certain kind of fight that you can feel coming a long ways off but can’t seem to outrun. Negotiations break down, the parties back into their corners, and it’s happening again. But the song cries out for peace, hands up in surrender,” Pfender said of the single. “But behind that sense of inevitability is actually a question: did I do enough? Aggression, resentment, and isolation mix and boil over in a pang of self-doubt, born of a simple desire to keep the peace.”

Listen to yOya’s new single “I Don’t Wanna Fight” below!

yOya’s sophomore album The Half Turn is out July 20 via New Professor Music, order it here. Visit the band’s website and Facebook to stay updated on any upcoming tour announcements and future releases.

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