Photo by: Angel Aura

Friendship is complicated. Growing older can cause friction between even the thickest of thieves, especially if one has decided to turn away from a life of crime. Samira Winter and her namesake band explore a fading relationship on “You Don’t Know Me” from their spring LP release, Ethereality. Watch the new video exclusively below.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”#FF78FF” class=”fistclass” size=”15″]”We wanted to carry the song’s message while paying homage to the teen house parties in the movies we grew up loving. The video itself is about feeling lost in the crowd at your own party and the nostalgia of relationships lost while still owning and loving the person you’ve become. It was super important to us to stay true to Winter’s vibe and aesthetic so we pulled most of the production design straight out of her bedroom. We wanted to bring the audience to a house show and a dream at the same time, much like listening to a Winter live set. ” – Molly Adams, director​ ​[/perfectpullquote]

Outside of their music, the new clip might be the best visual interpretation of the world of Winter. The band began as frontwoman Samira’s solo project for years, and it remains a succinct expression of who she is. Just as she claims to go through phases of colors, each room shown in “You Don’t Know Me” glows accordingly. The party is whimsical, featuring candy ‘drugs’ and an impromptu bathroom gig, but it still has a tinge of darkness, reflecting how sadness affects Samira. She compares it to “feeling alone in a crowded room or in an intimate relationship.” With that, the video comes as a nostalgic comfort, so grab a solo cup and a handful of pop rocks and join the bash.

Winter will be traveling around Europe at the end of the month and into October; see their full tour schedule below. Pre-order a copy of Estrela Mágica, their collaborative record made with Triptides, on OAR. For more information on Winter, follow the band on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Winter’s Upcoming European Tour Dates

26 Sep – Firenze, IT @ Annibale
27 Sep – La Spezia, IT @ De Terminal
28 Sep – Udine, IT @ Cas’Aupa
29 Sep – Milano, IT @ Cox
30 Sep – Parma, IT @ Cubo
03 Oct – Brno, CZ @ Kabinet Muz
04 Oct – Prague, CZ @ Dejvická Klubovna
05 Oct – Berlin, DE @ Urban Spree
06 Oct – Hamburg, DE @ Molotow
07 Oct – Köln, DE @ Sonic Ballroom
09 Oct – Lille, FR @ Le Biplan
11 Oct – Paris, PR @ Espace B
12 Oct – Leeds, UK @ Hyde Park Book Club
13 Oct – London, UK @ Shacklewell Arms
15 Oct – Bruxelles, BE @ Le Chaff
16 Oct – Liege, BE @ La Zone
17 Oct – Groningen, NL @ Vera
18 Oct – Saarbrucken, DE @ Hotellounge
19 Oct – Halle, DE @ Pierre Grasse
20 Oct – Kreunzlingen, CH @ Horst