Premiere: Paige Emery stimulates the senses with new single “Glass Window”

Paige Emery

Sweet, yet haunting, Los Angeles-based artist Paige Emery has revealed her new single “Glass Window.” The song haunts with gentle choir-like vocals that have a tinge of creepy eeriness to them. With a vibrant blend of guitars, synths, electronic drums and layered vocals — it’s no surprise that Paige Emery is also a painter. Just as a painter layers with paint to create different textures, Emery does the same with her music (she even¬†recorded actual pieces of broken glass that she shattered), and it can totally be heard in her new track “Glass Window.” While the song itself sounds like a piece of art, it also holds a deep meaning.

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“‘Glass Window’ is about the contentment that privileged people have when turning their faces from injustice, and the distractions that keep faces turned away,” explains Emery. “The term ‘glass window’ refers to a barrier in which unempathetic people of power can comfortably watch from behind while chaos erupts on the other side, in a separate world that does not touch theirs.”[/perfectpullquote]

Listen to the trippy lo-fi jam below.

Paige Emery

Not only giving your an aural experience, what’s super intriguing about Paige Emery is the fact that she translates each song into an oil painting to create a tactile representation of the narrative at hand. The paintings that once originated from the music then become part of it. With the intent of delivering a stimulating, multi-sensory experience, Paige Emery seeks to remove the ego and to merge digital with analog formats (classical art with new media). When she performs live, her painting and video art is projected onto her to create a living, breathing, infinitely transforming multimedia work. This unique symbiosis will surely pleasure the senses.

Cacth Paige Emery live at Resident in Downtown LA on September 19. She will perform alongside Perfume Foie Gras and C2S99. Grab tickets here.

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