PAINT’s Latest Single “Moldy Man” Is A Stream of Pedrum Siadatian’s Consciousness

paint band

PAINT — Photo by Matthew Correia

Wrapped in a special kind of DIY haziness and playful ease, PAINT (Pedrum Siadatian of the Allah-Las) is here to seep his latest single “Moldy Man” into your ears. Off of his debut self-titled solo LP, the song is a loose kaleidoscope bathed in fuzzy psychedelia. With hyper contrasting colors and contrasting guitars, the song and video make as much linear sense as everything does when you find yourself staring into the abyss of your reflection after dropping one too many tabs. In this single, Siadatian’s latest project offers a little bit of everything—from bluesy vocals, to punk-inspired fuzz, to ethereal organ choirs.

After experiencing the video, you might discover that PAINT is almost like an ever-moving body of water that shifts and molds to whatever is grasping onto it. Its sound creates meaning where the listener decides and it materializes at its own will. With lyrics seemingly peeled directly from Siadatian’s journal, it appears that “Moldy Man” is a product of carnal desire, of first instinct—along the lines of the “first thought, best thought” strain of thinking. It’s wobbly, it’s unfinished, but its growing and still evolving. While some artists may hold onto their work like a diamond encrusted watch, Siadatian cares for his work like watering a plant — letting it become its own animal.

PAINT’s hometown/LA record release show is on Nov. 2 at Zebulon.  On the same day, PAINT will release his debut EP via Mexican Summer.


November 2, 2018 PAINT Album Release Party @ Zebulon Los Angeles , CA
December 4, 2018 Shacklewell Arms London, UK
December 7, 2018 Pop Up Du Label Paris, FR
December 8, 2018 Paradiso Amsterdam, NL
December 9, 2018 Labsal Restaurant Dortmund, DE
December 10, 2018 Kantine Am Berghain Berlin, DE
December 11, 2018 Botanique Rotonde Brussels, BE
December 12, 2018 Exil Zurich, CH
December 14, 2018 Le Bourg Lausanne, CH

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