Photo by Julian Klincewicz

For a gut punch of empathy, check out the latest album from German duo HAERTS. The band has origins in Munich, but came to prominence in New York, where they are currently based. Their sophomore record came out earlier this year, and given its themes, New Compassion is an appropriate title. They will be playing at the Moroccan Lounge on December 17th; grab your tickets here.

HAERTS rely on a dynamic energy in power pop anthems that make for great solo karaoke. Acoustic instrumentation is rare but not absent from New Compassion, while drums dictate the mood. The title track is the only exception, but as they say, that proves the rule. Their recent single, “Matter,” sways with a quasi-tropical influence, culminating in a satisfying falsetto-laden refrain. On the other hand, the tender, lost ballad “Sign” keeps a somber pace; still, the rhythm and desperation make the chorus worth belting out at top volume. 

Throughout the album, many references are made to feelings that seems to sit in a threshold. The aforementioned “Sign” seeks guidance, but no part of New Compassion implies that they find the right direction for their lives. Instead, reflection turns into self-determination even when it seems cold, like in the bombastic opening track, “No Love for the Wild”:

I gave you my world
And I broke it for you
And now that you won
I won it for you

The band is on tour currently, and the final stop will be in LA. That will be the perfect time to sing along with HAERTS, as the band sings to you. Opening for Hearts at Moroccan Lounge is Vera Sola. Get your tickets before they sell out!


Listen to New Compassion here. Follow HAERTS on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.