Singer/songwriter Maria Taylor to returns to Los Angeles for holiday stint at The Moroccan Lounge

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Singer/songwriter Maria Taylor is prepping for a pseudo-homecoming this December when she returns to Los Angeles, the city where she lived for a time before returning back to her original home of Birmingham, Alabama. Once one-half of Azure Ray alongside Orenda Fink, Taylor’s solo career has resulted in six studio albums with the latest In the Next Life being released back in 2016. Taylor has an almost tenacious knack for not remaining still for very long, apart from her geographical jumps, her ever-growing discography is one textured by an inability to settle into any particular genre niche. From her more subdued but flippantly honest debut in 11:11 to later experimentations in sound and her own vocal work in Lynn Teeter Flower and Overlook, Taylor is constantly pushing the edges of what she’s capable of and ultimately what’s expected of her. From the staccato beats and rappings in “Irish Goodbye,” to the moody reverb and head-fogging intonations on “Matador,” every twist and turn deeper into her creations offers some elegant and carefully crafted surprise in melody.

But more than the subtle intrigues of her art, Taylor’s prodigal return to Los Angeles also lines up perfectly with her most recent single, the holiday-ready “Light of the World” which was unwrapped a year ago last December. If there’s something more appropriate than her own songs to lend her voice to, it’s to the jovial praising of original Christmas-tinted songs.

Taylor will be playing The Moroccan Lounge in Los Angeles on December 13. Joining Maria Taylor will be her other half (of Azure Ray), Orenda Fink! Together they will play some of Orenda’s solo songs, some of Maria’s and a few Azure Ray songs! Supporting Maria Taylor will be Brad Armstrong. Visit Maria’s website and Facebook to stay updated on future releases and tour announcements.


Watch the video for Taylor’s song “Light of the World” below!

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