Premiere: Rachel Goodrich is Feeling “Gucci,” According to New Song — Release Party at No Name on Feb 1

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Photo by: Michelle Shiers

Designer idolatry is a real phenomenon. There are brands for everything, resulting in entire Instagram profiles constructed as a monument to Adidas or Louis Vuitton. Local musician Rachel Goodrich spins a tale on her new single “Gucci” using this thread of an idea, turning common label-flaunting into an exercise of self-love. See her perform at No Name this Friday, February 1; find more info here.

“The inspiration for ‘Gucci’ came from a place of insecurity. Feeling as if I’m not good enough or attractive enough. The verses are filled with the struggle of expressing those emotions honestly and instead I resort to a pessimistic, sarcastic, in-your-face kind of tone. The tune carries a dark vibe, but by the end of the song I realize I’ve been swayed by all the illusions and distractions in the world that have steered me away from making  an authentic connection with myself. I accept my insecurities and can turn them into confidence. Beauty lies within. We are all Gucci.” – Rachel Goodrich

Despite her wavering voice and low range, “Gucci” will bring a smile to your face. She channels the rhythm of a more braggadocious song and turns the message sideways. Between the sarcasm and the veiled Beyoncé reference, one can surmise that Goodrich doesn’t care much for idealized beauty, but instead asserts that our uniqueness is the real value we should find within ourselves. She hasn’t forgotten to have fun with it either, as she taunts a baby throughout the track: “Gucci, Gucci, Gucci goo!”

Don’t miss Rachel Goodrich at No Name on Friday; find more info here.

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