Wiggle Along to Scott Gilmore’s New LP This Week, Release Party March 4 at Zebulon

scott gilmore
Photo by Kennan Lores

Scott Gilmore is a local musician whose style will twist your mind into soft pretzels, complete with mustard smothered over the whole thing. It is a combination of tastes—fun glitches meet cool synthwave—and is some of the freshest sounds in LA’s electronica scene.  His new album is due out on March 1st, with a record release planned the following Monday at Zebulon; get tickets here.

Fans of Floating Points will take to the album, Two Roomed Motel, immediately. Cacophonies of wondrous melodies may not be intuitive but are always complementary; rhythms, especially on songs like the title track and “Rooms We’ve Made,” often require some getting used to. Others like “Empty Aisles” invite you to the dancefloor.

While there are vocals on across the record, this is not an album one returns to for karaoke. Gilmore’s voice is compressed and incomprehensible most of the time, adding to my conspiracy that Two Roomed Motel is an instrumental record. But instead of writing songs for stadium sing-alongs, Gilmore’s vocals become enmeshed in the music itself. His voice is its own instrument, quite literally so.

Scott Gilmore will support Confusing Mix of Nations (CMON) at their residency on March 4th, alongside SFV Acid. FIND TICKETS

Pre-order Two Roomed Motel here. Follow Scott Gilmore on Facebook and Instagram.

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