Amanda Palmer Makes No Compromises on There Will Be No Intermission LP—See Her at the Ace Theatre on May 11

amanda palmer

Amanda Palmer takes no breaks. She also uses no shortcuts, and she rarely compromises. The creative titan has released another album, called There Will Be No Intermission, and it thunders with as much authority as the figure herself. Art was made for each track—all 20 of them—and can be purchased on her website, along with other merch made for the record. She also plans to tour throughout the spring and will perform in Los Angeles at the Theatre at the Ace Hotel on May 11.


If you get lost in No Intermission, be sure to keep swimming or else you may drown. Themes of death run rampant across the record, each one weaponized for a specific metaphor meant to teach us about our society today. Some of the first tracks speak of “suicide, homicide, genocide,” and an ailing body politic, all of which surely mean the demise of civilization. The final track (which features the lyrics “let’s try to end on a pleasant note”) proves to be a sort of comic relief.

Fans can take a personal stake in Amanda Palmer’s output by contributing to her Patreon. She is constantly creating, from music to films to other special content like her acclaimed 2017 collaboration with Edward Ka-Spel. Nearly 15,000 fans helped make No Intermission a reality. As far as her creative reach is concerned, Amanda Palmer is untouchable. Don’t miss her show at the Ace when she comes to town in May. Find tickets here.

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