Photo by Amber Asaly

Silky-voiced singer/songwriter Delacey has unveiled the music video for her debut single “My Man”—and it’s quite the visual love letter to the Los Angeles vistas she’s come to call home.

Delacey shares that same absorbing elegance that other sonorously gifted singers seem to so innately carry—think Lana Del Rey and Amy Winehouse—a pop glam that is subdued by a cutting emotional honesty in her words.


It’s obvious on “My Man,” a song that sees Delacey bemoaning in her velvety vocals all the ways and reasons these nameless “girls like you” could steal her eponymous man. Each plea is offered up from a variety of sceneries: atop her golden-velvet bedsheets, sitting in a sunlit living room adorned with all manner of 70s stylized furnishings, or out in the open-air with a backdrop of Topanga mountains and Pacific Ocean views.

Delacey grew up idolizing the likes of Stevie Knicks and Billie Holiday; singers who built careers out of becoming iconoclasts in every feature of their music. Since the age of seven Delacey has been piecing together her own—the result being singer/songwriter caught as much in the golden age of angel-voiced songstresses of the past as her own evolving identity copes with 21st-century woes.

“I really like the balance in this song, how I’m being my feisty Italian self but also building up this other woman by talking about how dope she is,” Delacey said of the single. “I’m really just an endless bank of crazy things I’ve gone through, and I feel like I’ve worked so many emotional rollercoasters into my music. I hope that helps people to connect in a really honest way—and I hope that it makes them a little uncomfortable sometimes too.”

Delacey will be playing The Peppermint Club in Los Angeles on May 16. Visit her website, Facebook, and Instagram to stay updated on tour announcements and new music.

Listen to Delacey’s new single “My Man” below!