Premiere: Mystery Artist Sloane Debuts Single “Old Hands New Face” Reminding Us It’s Okay Not to be Okay

Sloane — Photo Credit: Priscilla Boullion

Behind a pixelated mask, experimental pop producer Sloane reveals his anthemic single ‘Old Hands New Face.’ Born from heartache and reflection, the track manages to capture the shock and empowerment that comes with a personal revolution. With swimming vocals and a chanting chorus, Sloane reaches the core of transformation by reminding us its okay not to be okay.

Using samplers, analog synths, guitars and voice pedals, Sloane started making “music to cry to while you smile.” Sloane’s message of renewal arose out of the pain of a broken heart yet rides along a wave of hope. Steering on the edge of avant-garde electronic and contemporary pop, ‘Old Hands New Face’ is a battle cry for change. Moody melodies and thoughtful lyrics deliver a track both unique and nostalgic. The chorus becomes a mantra as we chant along: “I can’t see you, I can’t feel you ‘cause I’m changing.”

A long-standing music director and producer, the man behind the mask has previously worked with musicians like Bruno Mars, Pharrell Williams, Macy Gray, Slash and more. Sloane is ironically well-known around LA (can you guess who he is?) and is currently producing for Phantogram’s new album.


Coming out from behind the curtain with his own project, Sloane’s EP Music To Cry To While You Smile is set to release later this year. 

“SLOANE is one of the most talented musicians I know. Not only is he a gifted arranger, but he plays with feeling and skill and passion, and creates music that crosses genre boundaries in really cool and unexpected ways.” – Josh Carter , Phantogram 

It is human nature to battle a broken spirit as life tosses us around. Writing music as a cathartic way of evolving through the pain, Sloane aims to connect with someone else’s heart. The music video for ‘Old Hands New Face’ comes out Friday May 31st. 

Until then, stay connected with Sloane on Instagram. 

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