Need a vibe to go with your morning coffee? Or how about a settling tune to drift off to with your afternoon tea? ‘Balanced Love’ by NoKillShelter is a fluid, atmospheric journey that embeds just the right amount of pop. Catchy melodies, hand-collected samples, and a slew of vintage synths make up the song about the fleeting nature of a one-night-stand.


Using a collection of original samples and vintage synthesizers, NoKillShelter creates a world of modern electronic pop with a spiritual allure. The song feels alive, as ornamental sounds dress the landscape. Lyrically, it sings about that universal longing that accompanies a lover who exists for but a moment in time. For folk singer Mariah Priddy, it provided an ideal amount of emotion to pour into her collaboration with producer, Nick Eckhart (NoKillShelter). 

“Balanced love describes the blissful but fleeting moments of a one night lover. The yearning for the continuation and…the transition to understanding that at the end of the day we have our own separate lives to live and that we must let those moments be as they are.” – Mariah Priddy

Nokillshelter’s Nick Eckhart has been a drummer and creative musician since the age of five, but a metamorphic experience sprung him into the producer’s chair. While working at a Chinese Medical Center (Yo San), Eckhart was exposed to Taoist culture and found the gift of meditation. It reformed his thinking, which urged him to delve into “the process of packaging art as whole,”and decided to teach himself every instrument. He quickly recruited friend and fellow drummer Tom McGeoch to complete the project.

NoKillShelter is also committed to donating 10% of their profits to the ASPCA and other at-risk animal charities.

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Words by Ariana Tibi