Gothic Tropic Celebrates Music and Life with New Single “Drunk on a Rhythm”

gothic tropic
Photo credit: Amy Lee

If circumstances persist for Cecilia Della Peruti, her sophomore album as Gothic Tropic is bound to be just as impactful as the band’s debut, Fast or Feast. The past two years since that LP have led the LA-born artist to career highs and personal lows, but her new single is meant to help her heal and celebrate where her life is headed. Intoxication can’t dampen her determination or her talent; listen to “Drunk on a Rhythm” below. 

The new single incorporates brass instruments into the chrous as Della Peruti continues to evolve Gothic Tropic’s summery indie rock sound. For an artist who once claimed to hate lyric writing, she is particularly vulnerable on “Drunk on a Rhythm.” Her cries of anguish about losing love are balanced by her acceptance of it in other areas of her life, where she is always sure to have “too much fun.” In short, it is her own love that keeps her going—the love she has for music and for life in general. 


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Words: Zoë Elaine

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