Iconique is an aptly named disco act, full of confidence and devoid of apology. Those traits define the band’s frontman, Leo Paparella, who hopes that their latest single will educate the masses about the true origin and purpose of disco. “Do You Really Wanna Disco?” will appear on Iconique’s forthcoming Ovation EP, but you have a chance to hear it live this Friday, August 30, at GEO XI, a GeoMetro Party. Get your tickets here

“Disco was politics, a glimmer of the spotlight for people of all backgrounds, genders, and orientations to unite around the pulse of a warm kick drum and feel that they too were beautiful. A revolution dressed in decadence, subversion under sequins; that’s why they chased it away. So do you want to treat it like a hashtagged novelty, or do you really want to disco?”
~ Leo Paparella, Iconique

Disco and other types of dance music came from joy in the face of despair. Disco was an escape for those who had no other place in society, and everyone’s differences united the community. In this context, Paparella’s question is a challenge. Do you really want to identify with the struggle of the oppressed? “You say you want to kiss the night, but do you really want to disco? I really don’t think so.” 

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