spare parts for broken hearts

LA’s rock scene has been exploding with queer and female-fronted acts in the past few years, and one of the brightest local stars is Spare Parts for Broken Hearts. Our love for the project, helmed by Sarah Green, is well-documented in the halls of Grimy Goods, and we are pleased to share her newest single, “Big Win.” Listen to the song below and consider seeing them perform at The Echo on September 6 or at House of Machines on September 7. 

“It’s about romance, and the deconstruction of it. I loved someone who loved the Beatles, I’ve never loved the Beatles. I wrote ‘Big Win’ after spending time decoding the sentiments of the songs in their earlier catalog. I wanted to write something sweet and terrible; the kind of song you sing along to while it kills you. ‘Big Win’ was a big personal big loss for me, but it was also the first time in my writing where I was the villain, and that self-reflection was significant.”
~ Sarah Green, Spare Parts for Broken Hearts

“Big Win” is ironic—after all, the track’s powerfully bleak sentiment clashes with the celebratory title. Deep guitar melodies propel the track with a pessimistic energy, lifted only by Green’s unrelenting voice. She told Northern Transmissions that a water bottle branded with that phrase sat between her and her partner as they questioned their relationship, which directly led to Green’s decision “to lose everything.” This may not have been the win anyone expected, except perhaps in a cathartic sense—now this song represents growth from the experience. 

Find more information about Spare Parts For Broken Hearts’ Emo Nite show at the Echo here. Grab tickets to their House of Machines gig here. Follow Spare Parts for Broken Hearts on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook

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