jail weddings

Having spent a decade honing their sound steeped in the depths of a sub-genre of music they coined as death doo-wop, Los Angeles-based Jail Weddings have returned with their third album in Wilted Eden. To celebrate the new record, the band will play a record release show on Sept. 24 at The Satellite.

Mingling all manner of heady experimentation, which the band found themselves more free to do than on past records, the album finds the group rocketing dizzily towards a crossroads of life and death; of new birth intertwined with unforeseen loss. Cinematic in its breadth and melodic storytelling, the eponymous album opener grows out of its dusty, western-goth medley as a solemn introduction to the melancholic world Jail Weddings has created.


Rock drivers “Do Anything You Want to Me” and “(Can’t Wait to Get To) Nowhere” pummel away at their sleek 80s inspirations with a blend of manic riffs, chaotic percussion backings, and an intoxicating delirium. Every song finds itself in a new sonic dimension in terms of sound and style, with Jail Weddings delighting in the off-kilter extravagance of their newfound confidence and delivering spectacularly so.

“Quality of Mercy” meanders anxiously in its slow-burner of glowing guitar rhythms; while album closer “Love Me Like I’m Dead” lays on The Smiths allure thick with a David Byrne inflection as this wonderuous soliloquy of an outro.

Listen to Jail Weddings’ new album Wilted Eden below!

Jail Weddings are kicking off a small tour tonight at The Satellite in Los Angeles for their album release show. Wilted Eden is out now via Tru-Vow Recordings, order it here.

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09/24 Los Angeles, CA @ The Satellite –¬†Album release show
09/25 San Francisco, CA @ The Honey Hive
09/26 Reno, NV @ The Bluebird
09/27 Portland, OR @ Twilight Cafe
09/28 Seattle, WA @ The Lo-Fi
09/29 Eugene, OR @ Old Nick’s Pub
09/30 Sacramento, CA @ The Press Club
10/01 Albany, CA @ The Ivy Room