Premiere: Abby Posner Debuts Honest First Track Off Forthcoming EP, ‘Return Home’

Abby Posner

Abby Posner is intimately organic, sending listeners right back to their roots no matter what genre they favor. With an anticipated EP on the horizon, Abby has just released it’s first single ‘Return’, recorded live at the Village Studios with the Queertet:

 Born and raised in Colorado, Abby’s voice rings with an honest timbre, delivering poetically raw and universally grounding lyrics. She seamlessly fuses the line between folk and alternative rock, but the forthcoming EP ‘Return’ will be a venture for Abby. Holding back on over-production, Abby brings us an EP that was recorded acoustic in one room, the way many of the classics were.

Abby’s music has been featured in several shows such as the Fosters, This American Life, and The Art of War, and she’s currently scoring her fourth film. She’s known to be a hired gun around town, mastering nearly any instrument she can get her hands on with an uplifting and encouraging personality.

This multifaceted musician will be in Los Angeles this month, headlining the Highland Park Bowl on the 16th and hosting her EP release at the Hotel Cafe on the 26th. Keep in touch with the band on Instagram and enjoy her discography on Spotify.

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