The Lone Bellow Release Emotional Single Before New Album Drop — LA Shows at Troubadour

The Lone Bellow
The Lone Bellow at The Greek

On the heels of a new album, Brooklyn-based band, The Lone Bellow have dropped another new single with an upcoming Los Angeles tour date at The Troubadour in West Hollywood. The Lone Bellow’s new single “Just Enough to Get By” is off their forthcoming release, ‘Half Moon Light,’ out this Friday, February 7.

The single is a smooth and powerful production, harnessing intense emotions throughout its lyrics and instrumentals. Written and sung by band member Kanene Donehey Pipkin, the song is a personal meditation on compassion and empathy.

Multi-instrumentalists Pipkins is joined by guitarist Brian Elmquist and lead vocalist Zach Williams. All three bandmates have put tremendous effort into their new album which was recorded at Dessner’s Long Pond Studio in Upper Hudson Valley, NY. For the band, this album is a culmination of where they come from and how far they have come as a band. 

“I wrote this song when I heard a secret kept by someone close to me,” says Pipkin. “It was a secret about a trauma they had experienced decades ago, and had kept hidden from nearly everyone they could, until everything unexpectedly came out into the open. Even then, she didn’t know if anyone she’d told believed her. I wanted to put myself in her shoes. When I began to imagine the years of burying this secret, I heard words of advice from all sides; cross-stitch clichés, culture, my confidants, my own mind. Mostly, they told me to get over it, keep it to myself, protect my reputation, and to never discomfort others with the truth of my past. I realized that living that way would only give me just enough to get by; I’d never be free.”

After starting on a tour abroad, The Lone Bellow will embark on a national tour starting with one date in NYC then two nights in Los Angeles at the Troubadour on Feb. 12-13. For more on The Lone Bellows, follow them on social media or visit their website.


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