Thrumming with a kinetic-anxiousness, Los Angeles / Glasgow-based trio, Shopping has debuted the sleekest version of their queer post-punk sound on their new album All Or Nothing. Comprised of Rachel Aggs (guitar, vocals), Billy Easter (bass, vocals) and Andrew Milk (drums, vocals), the potent threesome has moved further into 80’s pop textures and electronica–which they always seemed almost destined to tap into–in their new soundscapes.

Songs like “Follow Me” and “For Your Pleasure,” zoom and spaz with jittery percussion and droning synths that play so deliciously well with the group’s post-punk tendencies. Off-kilter but full of hypnotically spiraling melodies, All Or Nothing surges forward as the best case for Shopping’s ability to slip so easily into the damnably catchy avant-garde.

“‘For Your Pleasure’ is a song about frustration, the feeling of always wanting more, needing material things to distract or gratify us,” says Shopping. “It’s about consumerism but also searching for meaning in life. That feeling of longing that never really goes away even when you have the things, the job, the status or the person you thought you wanted. I think people who create music or art know what that feels like particularly.” 


Shopping will be playing 1720 in Los Angeles on March 11. Their new album All Or Nothing is out now. Visit their Facebook and Instagram to stay updated on new releases and tour announcements.

Watch Shopping’s video for “Initiative” below.