DRAMA makes it shine on a rainy day at The Echo

Drama at The Echo — Photo: Ana Baca

In Los Angeles, rain on a Sunday night may feel like the end of the world for its residents, but on this particular first Sunday of a new month, what better way to cure those Sunday night blues than with a dance party by none other than the rising nu-disco duo, DRAMA.

With the recent release of DRAMA’S debut album Dance Without Me, and currently on a sold out West Coast tour, the Chicago-based duo brought out not only the rain, but their dark infectious beats to a sold out crowd at The Echo.

DRAMA is no stranger to Echo Park, as they also performed to a sold out crowd at The Echo back in February 2019 on their short 15-date North American Tour.

Drama at The Echo -- Photo: Ana Baca
Drama at The Echo — Photo: Ana Baca

The duo opened up their set with “Dead and Gone” that translated to a smooth transition into “Years”, the second song of off their debut album. 

Their 90-minute set consisted of non-stop dancing, sweating and singing along with songstress Via Rosa making us feel like we were on cloud 9. The songs performed were all an entry into Rosa’s personal life around her friends, family and lovers. In the middle of the set, Rosa left the stage leaving us with Na’el in his element; only to come back a few seconds later with an entire different outfit. The crowd roared in cheer as they welcomed her back dressed in white looking like an angel. After the outfit change, like the true queen that she is, Rosa asked the crowd for help on “Billy”, a song off of their 2016 EP Gallows because it is difficult for her to sing it alone. That song had us all feeling those “feels”.


With their comforting lyrics and etheral beats, DRAMA made us feel and forget our heartbreaks along with dancing away that grey cloud that hangs over our heads. Not so much a gloomy Sunday after all.

Don’t miss DRAMA perform in a city near you. Dance Without Me has to be one of the best albums of 2020!

Words & Photos: Ana Baca

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