The Marías share David Lynchian-esque video for new song “Hold It Together”

The Marías
Photo by Bethany Vargas

The Marías have shared a hypnotic new video for their single “Hold It Together,” one that mirrors quite literally all the resplendent and warm funkiness the duo brings to all their songs. Featuring a sublime María looking as ethereal as ever in a black two-piece dress, surrounded as she is by red velvet carpeting and red silk curtains–like something out of a David Lynch piece–dancing with her reflection in a large mirrored sphere.

Directed by Bethany Vargas, the film oozes the kind of surreal sensuality and under-the-skin emotionally that the song elicits, with its anxious, bubbling of muted riffs and María’s own silky murmurs. But the oddity of the visuals is subdued into something more tangible, a mesmerizing display of physical tenderness and self-assured strength that leaves María as the focal point of it all.

“Josh and I started writing ‘Hold It Together’ in our van while on tour and finished it in the middle of an empty desert a couple months later. At the time the song was written, we were knees deep in nonstop touring, and all we wanted to do was slow down, enjoy each other’s company and have some time alone. As an introvert on tour and the only woman in a band, I was extremely anxious and stressed during this time. I think the song represents my inner turmoil. We also wanted the video to represent this as well. Bethany’s concept captured it beautifully. The chrome balls, from my perspective, almost represented my brain. I wanted to console it and hold it, but at times, it got too much for me to bear and it spiraled out of control.”


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Watch The Marías video for their new song “Hold It Together”

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