Ramonda Hammer Takes the Blame on New Single “Big Hands,” Produced by Illuminati Hotties

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Just last summer local hard rock outfit Ramonda Hammer debuted their full-length record I Never Wanted Company, and the band moved swiftly back into the studio (figuratively or otherwise) to put together a new EP, expected to drop later this year. “Big Hands,” produced by Sarah Tudzin of Illuminati Hotties, will appear on the new effort. It grapples with self-blame and wallows in disappointment against a backdrop of fearless rock progressions.

“I wrote “Big Hands” during a time when I thought I was losing the love of my life. It’s a desperate apology. It’s the kind of apology where you can’t find the words to say you’re sorry, so you make an offering, a token of affection that can’t undo what’s been done but it’s the best you can do at the time. The song repeats several times: “it’s the thought that counts,” and thoughtfulness has to mean something right? It’s about working on emotional intelligence. Not condoning bad behavior, but it’s pointing out all the good that comes with the bad.”

Heartbreak comes with grief, in all its stages. At a certain point, desperation may creep in as self-deception fades away. “Big Hands” ruminates on this aspect of loss—Ramonda Hammer offers a gift to relieve the emotional weight of this situation, but even the sincerest, most deserving apologies cannot rewind time.

Frontperson Devin Davis uses song lyrics to confront herself; her vocals, lifted by interlocking percussion and driving guitar hooks, still yearn for clarity despite life’s opaque muck.

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by: Zoë Elaine

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