Deqn Sue shares lo-fi, crush-tailored jam “Creep”

Deqn Sue—the Alabama singer/songwriter and creator of embellished pop tracks like “Troll”—has shared a new song in the form of “Creep.” A lo-fi piece that trades the vibrant synth-bop of “Troll” for something a little more personal—if just as deliciously catchy. Entangling all the observant details she makes about her crush’s routines and mannerisms into the song’s bedroom-chamber-sonics, Sue finds that pertinent sweet-spot in dressing her heartache up in lush melodies.

“It’s pretty much about having a crush on someone, shares Deqn Sue. “I love the phase where you haven’t said anything about it but you both kinda know ya’ll like eachother. When you start catching feelings… wanting to know how they are, thinking about them, the butterflies, sweaty palms, in a daze, daydreaming, cloud 9 flow thinking about possibilities. The song came from that “space”. Having a crush on somebody and being “creepy cute” with it. Wanting to watch them, their mannerisms, their quirks… From a distance but up close too.”

If “Troll” was a lucidly energetic brandishing of the effortlessness with which Sue pens gushing pop tracks, then “Creep” is a reminder that her songwriting is just as sharp. “I watch the way that you’re peelin ya fruit (it’s cute), I peep the way that you’re tying ya shoes,” Sue croons in earnest and need. It’s a tender-bop tailored made for those crushes that leave you obsessed and intoxicated, the ones who dispel logic from your head and doubts in your heart—until you’re humming songs that remind you of them 24/7–this is that song.

Stay updated on new releases and announcements by checking out Deqn Sue’s website and Instagram. Deqn Sue also has a collection of some seriously rad tie-dye shirts she made herself available for sale.

Listen to Deqn Sue’s new single “Creep”

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