Photo by Haley Appell

If you’re haunted by regrets, Michi might be able to help. Her new single will appear on her debut EP, Sugarbaby, due out October 16th, which is already shaping up to be a delicious release. The Los Angeles native released her first single last summer, and every sound since has been just as groovy. Case in point: her newest track, “Escondida,” is a downtempo bedroom jam, meant to make you spill all your deepest secrets. 

The music video for the track, animated by María Medem and produced by Haley Appell, shows both sides of isolation. Lyrics “in my head, in my bed” careen around the production, and the vastness of her imagination takes shape as an expansive, technicolor void. Her bedroom is where she keeps her most vivid disappointments and yet it is also her preferred oasis—very relatable. The key is being able to give oneself the space to process even the most impenetrable emotions. 

“Escondida” is the first Spanish-language track Michi has released thus far, and it comes at an apt time: Latin Heritage Month begins September 15th. Be sure to celebrate her and check back with Grimy Goods over the next few weeks to read about more brilliant Latinx artists making a splash. 

Mark your calendars for the release of Michi’s Sugarbaby EP, out October 16th. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter

by: Zoë Elaine

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