NYIKO’s newest Single Evokes A Nostalgic Sound and Creates a Space for Mental Health in the Conversation of Masculinity

Photo Credit: Niles Gregory

Los Angeles based synth-pop artist NYIKO takes masculinity to new heights with his newest single “Call the Boys.” Featuring bass by Maggie Toth of Vagabon and guitar from longtime collaborator Niles Gregory, “Call the Boys” is expertly constructed and adds a new layer to the concept of masculinity by rejecting its conventionality and making space for conversations about mental health and wellness.

“I wanted to take a hard look at the outdated notions of manhood in American society and how they negatively impact everyone,” NYIKO said. “It was important for me to reflect on my own blind spots and to help redefine manliness for young men.”

Packaged in a perfect synth-pop melody, “Call the Boys” is a fantastic reincarnation of the best 80s goth-pop. It echoes and fades, shimmers and dissipates with clarity and salient points both lyrically and in its instrumentals.

“It’s the quiet moments that we choose to ignore and the space it creates is innate suffering In these boys,” NYIKO croons.

Written as a response to mass shootings,an overwhelming number carried out by young white men, NYIKO sheds light on the lack of awareness around mental health especially for men, and how the perpetuation of toxic masculinity adds to this problem.

“I believe that much of the violence in our country is a manifestation of internal suffering and insecurity in men,” NYIKO said. “Setting an example of masculinity that champions empathy, self-love, and respect could transform the way our society functions.”

Merging together a classic sound and progressive thinking,”Call the Boys” is a catchy as hell song with an important and eloquently delivered message. And to match words with action, 100 percent of the proceeds on Bandcamp will be donated to Big Brothers Big Sisters LA.

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Words: Patti Sanchez

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